Concrete Garden Path: Everything you need to know about the price

There are many reasons why you might want to create a Concrete Garden Path to access your garage or driveway. It is also a durable garden design that requires little maintenance once installed.

But how do you estimate the cost of building a concrete driveway on your property? What elements cause the quoted price to vary? What are the prices depending on the type of concrete and finishes?

I am sharing his tips for building a concrete driveway at the best price, and his advice for finding the right professional.

Price variations of a concrete Path

When installing a concrete driveway in the garden of a house, the total quote price varies depending on the specifics of the project: materials and labor time. So, here are the elements impacting the price:

The initial state of the path or garden: before pouring the concrete, the craftsman prepares the ground. Demolition of the old driveway, excavation, earthworks, bed of sand or gravel as an underlay… the longer and more complex the preparation work, the more the total bill for the construction of a concrete driveway increases.

The surface area of ​​land to be concreted: the more surface area of ​​land to be concreted, the more concrete pour and materials will be required, and the longer the labor time required.

The type of project: driveway to the garage, pedestrian path in slabs, paved path, terrace… the type of project will determine the thickness of the concrete to be laid, but also the type of floor covering to choose (slab, paving stone, or poured concrete), ground preparation work and decorative choice. [Concrete Garden Path]

The quality of the concrete, the installation technique, and the finishes: the price of concrete varies according to its quality and resistance (quantity of cement, deactivated concrete, reinforced by a metal grid, etc.). Furthermore, the installation technique and finishes are also factors impacting the price of a professional’s quote.

The complexity of the work: some difficult-to-access gardens require the use of machines to deliver tools and materials, secure the surroundings of the site, or carry out excavation. Quotes for sloping land, with too soft ground or with many rocks, most of the time show a higher price.

To properly anticipate the total budget for installing a concrete driveway, you must also add the cost of accessories. Gate, wicket, railings, lighting, planters… to finalize your project and have the garden of your dreams, certain expenses will be added to those of laying the concrete path and increase the overall bill.

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The price of a driveway depends on the type of concrete

The price of a concrete path in a garden strongly depends on the type of concrete used (classic draining concrete, stamped concrete, washed concrete, etc.) and the finish of the installation (colors, printed shapes, borders, etc.) by the professional. 

Concrete is a very common building material made of cement, gravel, sand, and water. The quality of the cement used influences the quality of the final concrete.

For a concrete driveway, it is generally necessary to add an adjuvant to this mixture to improve the characteristics of the concrete and obtain water-repellent concrete or draining concrete. 

The latter cost more, but are highly recommended for driveable concrete driveways. They allow rainwater to drain away without damaging the structure of the driveway and are more resistant to cracking.

The price of a classic draining concrete garden path

Solid, particularly resistant, and offering excellent waterproofing, classic draining concrete is also the most financially accessible type of concrete. 

For the installation of classic draining concrete on a garden path, count on around 75 euros per square meter, supply and installation included.

The price of a stamped concrete garden path

For a more aesthetic concrete driveway, stamped concrete represents a slightly more expensive solution, but whose decorative aspect remains very interesting. This is a concrete whose surface is modeled before complete drying. 

It involves revealing relief patterns to give a brick, paving, stone, slab, tile, wood effect, etc. The average price of a printed concrete driveway ranges between 63 and 103 euros per square meter, supply, and installation. included. 

The extent of this price range is explained by the complexity of tracing the pattern and the tools required to achieve it. In addition, some finishes are manual.

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The price of a washed concrete garden path

For a durable and more natural driveway, landscaping professionals add gravel to the concrete to create deactivated concrete. Deactivated concrete is intended to be very close to washed concrete since it has the same visual appearance with an emphasis on gravel and aggregates of different colors. 

This type of concrete allows you to create durable and solid paths with a very natural aesthetic. The price per square meter of a deactivated concrete driveway varies between 90 and 140 euros, supply and installation included.

Good to know: you can also find concrete in the form of slabs or paving stones. These large pavers are prepared in the factory and ready for installation, on the ground or on aggregates. 

For a driveway made of concrete slabs, the price starts at around 20 euros per square meter, excluding installation, and around 48$/h for the use of a mason.

Concrete finishes for a garden path

The finishes represent all the options that beautify the appearance of classic concrete on a garden path. They vary a lot and are suitable for both a driveway and a terrace. It could be :

  • shapes printed on fresh concrete: bush-hammered concrete (the surface of the concrete is eroded to obtain relief) or swept concrete (identifiable by its decorative streaks). Expect here between 55 and 110$ per square meter, supplies and installation included
  • of colors: for colored concrete, rather than decorative concrete, the price rises on average to 90$ per square meter, supply and installation included.
  • borders to clearly separate the concrete path from the grass: the price varies from 28 to 52$ per linear meter, depending on the difficulty of implementation, installation, and supply included.

The cost of labor for a concrete driveway

When constructing a concrete garden path in a garden, the price of labor is very often included in the prices displayed by professionals. `

Indeed, laying concrete requires equipment and knowledge that are not always within the reach of individuals. Call a professional to lay your concrete driveway for more peace of mind.

  • Soil preparation: backfilling, excavation, installation of a geotextile film, boundary of the surface and creation of formwork, etc. between 25 and 55$ per square meter for soil preparation and 13$ per cubic meter to get rid of the rubble, depending on the complexity of the work.
  • Concrete preparation: mixing and adding gravel for deactivated concrete (useless step for choosing a slab or paving stone covering).
  • Pouring the concrete: the concrete is poured into the formwork and the thickness is distributed evenly.
  • Compaction: This step consists of removing the excess concrete and smoothing out the rough edges to obtain a smooth coating.
  • Finishing: creation of patterns on the concrete surface, installation of borders and cleaning of the concrete driveway after drying, application of deactivator, washing, etc.

For most of this work, the masons charge an hourly rate. It varies between $30 and $70 per hour. Please note that professionals can also add travel costs to the total price of the quote. 

When the site is large, transporting the concrete by mixer truck adds to the expenses. Count between a hundred euros and 200 euros per router truck. You must carefully verify this numerical information before signing the final quote.

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