Top 7 Ways To Create an Entrance to Your Home

Do you also love your apartment or house? Often, everyone loves it a lot, but it lacks this practical little space: an entryway.

So now you don’t need to panic. I have presented tips and good ideas for decorating your entrance in this post. But it depends on you how much money you can spend on your decorations.

Create an Entrance to Your Home: Top 7 Ways

  1. Define contours with one brush stroke
  2. Separate spaces
  3. Choose suitable furniture
  4. Add accessories
  5. Change the flooring
  6. Play on the levels
  7. Add a point of light

The essential

From the simple installation of a screen to the creation of a level, there are numerous solutions for creating an entrance into your house or apartment.

Custom-made furniture or a well-chosen bench will demarcate this space, which is practical for storing shoes and coats.

You can create multiple spaces in your interior by changing flooring or painting the walls a different color.

Creating an Entrance to Your Home
Create an Entrance to Your Home

1. Define contours with one brush stroke

Do you know optical effects? You will be able to use this technique to delimit your entrance. How to do? Simply paint part of it with a color that will contrast with that of the walls and floor of your entrance. 

A dark shade if the space is white or neutral: the opposite works very well too. If you’re hesitant, don’t tackle the ceiling, it’s the most complicated to recover if you’re not convinced!

This decorative solution is particularly suitable for small spaces when you don’t have a lot of room to arrange your entrance.

2. Separate spaces

When you want to arrange this new space, it is important to think about light. One solution is to use a suitable partition: a glass roof, a claustra, or even a screen. Overview of solutions.

A separation in the room without losing light

Creating a space to separate your entrance from the rest of the living room is a good idea, but if there is natural lighting, it’s even better. 

To create this bright entrance, you can choose a glass roof or a half-wall. This very trendy layout gives an artist’s studio feel to your stay. 

You benefit from the brightness of the living room while creating an enclosed space. What more?

A screen or claustra, a practical solution

If you have neither the desire nor the means to carry out a permanent separation, you still have another solution. 

It is lighter and easier to implement: a pretty screen or claustra in harmony with the decoration of the rest of the room. You will be amazed at the choice available to you to pleasantly partition your living room or kitchen.

3. Choose suitable furniture

Another good tip from I am: a piece of furniture can be enough to create an entrance. You can opt for tailor-made storage. 

Creating an Entrance to Your Home

But do you know about the misappropriation of furniture from a major Swedish brand? The possibilities are endless for decorating your interior.

A low piece of furniture to partition the living room

As with the delimitation with painting, the installation of a low piece of furniture, such as a bookcase, marks the corner of the entrance. 

You can also take the opportunity to use this piece of furniture for aesthetic and practical storage. It must be low to let the light pass through!

When the bench seat is the right answer

It’s the essential piece of furniture at the entrance: the bench to take off your shoes. You can also insert storage under the bench seat to hide the slippers.

4. Add accessories

To clearly indicate to your visitors that they are at the entrance, you can install accessories such as coat hooks or a mirror. 

These elements are practical and have a real function: the hooks allow you to hang coats while taking up a minimum of space. 

As for the mirror, why not go for an XXL? Not only will you be able to see each other from head to toe, but it can enlarge your entry space.

5. Change the flooring

Do you suffer every time the children come home with their wet boots on your floor? This is an opportunity to install flooring that resists bad weather, such as linoleum or tiles. 

And there is no need to tile the rest of the room: 2 m² is enough to create an entrance that resists all the elements.

Cement tiles, the trendy covering

Cement tile graphics have become essential! But rest assured, for your interior, you can choose the PVC covering option which is very simple to install. 

It is also possible to install a few tiles in this space for a perfect finish.

Wood, but not really

For those who prefer continuity between the entrance and the rest of the parquet floor, there are different coverings such as laminate, composite, or even tiles. 

They resist humidity well and perfectly imitate the wood of the living room floor of your house or apartment.

6. Play on the levels

This tip requires more substantial work or should be considered for a house that has not yet been built. Indeed, you can play on the levels by disbursing your entry or, on the contrary, by raising it. 

The effect is great: the two or three steps really give the feeling of changing space. Do not hesitate to consult an interior designer for the creation of these spaces.

7. Add a point of light

One of our last tips, lighter than the previous one: is light. If you do not have the possibility of installing a glass roof to recover light, opt for a beautiful chandelier that will mark your entrance. It can be a little oversized to illuminate well and also to mark the space.

You can also play the practical side by adding light points which will be more direct, like spotlights but which will help you find your keys in the morning and your slippers in the evening.


I hope now you have understood how you can make an entrance gate in your house. We have told you seven ways in which you can make an entrance gate for your house very easily and with a very low budget. If you find the information given by us correct, then please let us know by commenting.

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