Customs revenues drop by 8.6% in the first quarter

Customs revenues drop by 8.6% in the first quarter – Revenue from import duties collected at customs continues its downward trend this year, accumulating a decline of 8.6% compared to last fiscal year, according to data released today. The drop is concrete in a reduction from 54.1 million in the first quarter of 2022 to 49.45 million this year. In March, 19.8 million were entered a year ago and in this exercise 19.72 million have been reached.

This year’s negative balance is motivated by the drop in tobacco import fees, which leads to a 29.5% drop, going from 24.98 million in the first three months of 2022 to 17.6 million this year. The collection for March was 5.64 million, down 38.5% from 9.17 million in March 2022. What has had a positive development is the income from the entrance of beverages, which accumulates a rise of 6.4% in March, and of 1.9% in the first quarter, with 2.33 million collected.

The entry of fuels has also left less fees this year as a result of the moderation of prices. The drop amounts to 4.5% in March and 1.6% in the first quarter. The collection was 14.4 million from January to March and in the same period last year it rose to 14.64 million. The chapter of other goods registered a rise of 23.8% this year, with 15.1 million collected, and 18.7% in March, with revenues of 5.54 million, according to customs data.  The evolution of income from the purchase of goods abroad leaves 17.89 million IGI collections in three months, for the sum of 6.31 million in March.

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