How Much Does a Kitchen Renovation Cost in 2024?

The price of a kitchen renovation can vary depending on a large number of elements, such as the choice of materials, the size of the room, or even the appliances. Below you will get a realistic cost estimate that will help you plan the budget for your new kitchen.

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Establish your budget for your kitchen renovation in 2023

A turnkey kitchen renovation involves many elements. This is why its price can vary greatly. We often talk about a 60-40 ratio to be divided between the kitchen designer and the kitchen contractor for the design of materials and labor.

How Much Does a Kitchen Renovation Cost

Generally speaking, a turnkey kitchen renovation costs between $19,000 and $60,000+ (labor and cabinets included). Although we have just set a limit, it is on average observed over time, but the cost of a kitchen does not have a limit depending on its size, quality, and type of materials used. Also note that most of the time, the kitchen designer can include the plans for your new kitchen in their fees.

To give you an idea, we offer you a detailed table of the potential prices of a kitchen renovation in 2023, depending on the type of materials chosen. [How Much Does a Kitchen Renovation Cost]

KitchenEconomicResurfacingCustomized standard Mid-rangeTop of the line  Prestige 
Custom cabinetsn/an/a$9,500$17,000$20,000$26,500
Prefabricated cabinets$7,200n/an/an/an/an/a
Electricity + lighting$1,200$1,200$2,400$3,000$3,600$4,200

Please note that prices are given for information purposes only. Several factors can influence the total cost of renovations, such as the type of work to be carried out, the labor required, the materials used, the protection measures, the costs of demolition or movement of structural elements, and unforeseen events.

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The step of choosing materials for cabinets and countertops is always important in a kitchen renovation process. The possibilities are almost unlimited and so are the costs. It is recommended not to invest more than 10% of the total value of your home in your cabinets and countertops so that you can more easily recoup your investment in the event of the sale of your home.

To help you analyze the different options and determine which one should be preferred based on your budget, consult our article “ Kitchen Cabinets and Counters: Which Materials to Choose and their Prices”. [How Much Does a Kitchen Renovation Cost]

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To find out the cost of a turnkey kitchen renovation, see the table on our kitchen renovation page. As a bonus, you will find 10 mistakes to avoid. Also, note that there is always the possibility of opting for kitchen resurfacing for a lower-cost renovation. 

There are options for every budget. Do not hesitate to ask for advice. To find out everything about renovating your kitchen, you can take a look at our complete guide to kitchen renovation.

Need inspiration and a realistic price idea for your kitchen project? Consult the Kitchen section of our Réno-Inspiration tool:

These prices are approximate and based on past regular-size kitchen renovation projects. To get the right price for your kitchen project, our renovation advisors can help you with your kitchen renovation. Get up to 3 quotes from Verified Contractors.

What is the most expensive part of a kitchen remodel?

The most expensive part of a kitchen remodel is usually the cabinetry which can cost around $15,000 or more on average. This is mainly due to the scale and prominence of cabinets in the kitchen.

New kitchen cabinets in a high-end remodeling project can cost 20-40% of the entire renovation budget. New kitchen appliances are the next most expensive aspect after cabinets with an average cost of about $8,200.

Other significant expenses in a kitchen remodel can include countertops, flooring, and labor. So it’s important to budget carefully for these major expenses when planning a kitchen remodel. [How Much Does a Kitchen Renovation Cost]

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