How Much Does It Cost To Fell a Tree?

How Much Does It Cost To Fell a Tree: A dead tree that has become dangerous, a tree that has now become too dominant, a tree that interferes with your extension work… there are many reasons for cutting down a tree.

But what about a quote from a professional? From felling to stump removal, I summarize tree lopping prices depending on the situation.

So you will be able to calmly consider your tree-trimming budget before contacting a professional.

The essential

To give a quote, a logger or pruner needs to know the height of the tree, its age, the characteristics of its stump as well and the configuration of the land.

If a tree poses a hazard, causes health problems, is too large, or is poorly maintained you may have to cut it down. Do this on a windless day, preferably in late fall or winter.

The average price of cutting a tree varies depending on its height: 120 to 230$ for a 2 to 5-meter tree, 370 and 550$ for a 10 to 15-meter tree, and up to 750$ for a 20 to 25-meter tree.

The chemical method remains the cheapest (between 80 and 150$), but also the least ecological. Opt instead for manual stump removal (150 to 300$), trimming from 150 to 500$) or mechanical (300 to 800$). [How Much Does It Cost To Fell a Tree]

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How Much Does It Cost To Fell a Tree

Tree cutting quote: What criteria affect the price?

The cost of harvesting one or more trees depends essentially on 2 factors: the characteristics of the tree, and the characteristics of the land on which it is located.

Here’s a description of the features that make a difference in the price of a mowing job.

A cutting quote that depends on the specifications of the tree

When a professional provides you with a quote for tree felling, he takes into account in his price several parameters that characterize the tree involved in the task:

  • Tree height: Depending on the size, the pruner may cut the tree down at the base, or it may have to be cut into smaller pieces. In some cases, a nacelle may be necessary
  • Age of the tree: The older the tree, the more difficult it will be to fall, as the wood is more fragile
  • Tree stump: Depending on the purpose of felling, it is not always necessary to remove a tree stump, but this work can increase the cost of tree cutting.

Should we decide to cut down a tree, or can we simply prune it? You should know that each tree owner is responsible for any damage.

Additionally, you should plant your trees at a minimum distance of 2 meters from the public area and carry out regular maintenance so that they do not cause a nuisance to you or others.

Felling may be necessary for safety reasons: power lines passing close to the tree, reduced visibility on the road due to leaves, etc. [How Much Does It Cost To Fell a Tree]

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The configuration of the land as a price criterion

The nature and accessibility of the location where the trees are to be felled are also important price factors.

For example, the craftsman will have to take special precautions when falling if power lines fly over your garden so that the tree does not get caught on them when falling. 

The same applies if the fall of the tree threatens its immediate environment. In addition, the cost of felling a tree increases if the site is difficult to access. Felling involves the dismantling and evacuation of the tree, and therefore the presence of a basket, a truck, or a trailer.

Finally, note that for some professionals, waste disposal is considered an option. Knowing that you do not have authorization to burn your waste, it is advisable to request this additional service, the price of which varies between 25 and 35$/m3. 

Felling a tree: situations and felling period 

Cutting down a tree is not done without reason, and certain periods are more favorable than others.

How much does it cost to fell a tree?

Why cut down a tree?

There are several reasons why you might want to cut down a tree:

it represents a danger to you or your neighbors. A strong gust of wind and your tree falls on your house, that of your neighbor, or on public facilities. To avoid this type of situation (for which you could be held responsible), the best solution is to shoot it down. 

it poses health problems. Like humans or animals, trees can contract and transmit incurable diseases. It will become more and more fragile and will cause you even more problems;

he imposes himself too much. The tree can rule its way and grab all the nutrients necessary for its growth, without leaving any to others. To promote the development of all your plants, it is sometimes better to cut them down.

it is poorly placed. A tree planted in the middle of the garden a few decades ago can become problematic. Too much shade, roots that grow to crack your driveway, a large branch that reaches your roof, etc. Maintenance is no longer enough and a complete feeling may be necessary. [How Much Does It Cost To Fell a Tree]

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When to cut down a tree?

For safety reasons, the intervention must be carried out during a windless day. In the event of gusts that are a little too virulent, the movement of the branches can injure the people who work in your home. 

Likewise, loggers and pruners advise you to act at the end of autumn or in winter, for the simple reason that the wood is more fragile, and therefore breaks more easily. 

It is also less heavy and dries more quickly (because it contains less water). And since all the leaves have fallen, the operation is easier.

Another solution: dismantling. Dismantling a tree involves the intervention of a professional who will cut it from the head (if necessary, with a cherry picker) to the base.

What price for felling depends on height?

The size of the trees is the determining price criterion. Slaughtering professionals often have prices that vary in stages:

Tree height in metersAverage felling price (excluding stump removal) 
2 to 5130 to 230$
5 to 10230 to 370$
10 to 15370 to 550$
15 to 20550 to 650$
20 to 25650 to 750$
[How Much Does It Cost To Fell a Tree]

If a tree exceeds 25 meters, it is imperative to obtain a quote. However, requesting a quote is still recommended, whatever the felling work envisaged, to find the right craftsman at the right price.

To measure the diameter of a tree, simply measure its circumference 1.30 m from the ground using a tape and divide the result by. 

The price announced in a felling quote generally includes the cost of removing the tree: trunk, branches, etc.

Stump removal: what cost should you expect?

How Much Does It Cost To Fell a Tree

Why remove the stump after felling a tree?

Cutting down a tree may be enough if the tree bothers you for aesthetic reasons, or because it prevents the sun from penetrating the house, for example. In this case, you can request a simple feeling quote.

However, if you wish to have trees felled to create a terrace, an extension, landscape your garden, or dig a trench, you must add a step to the estimate: stump removal. This work consists of felling the tree, and then removing the stump still anchored in the ground. 

It is also possible to call on a professional craftsman to remove the stump of a tree that the previous owner had only cut down, for example. [How Much Does It Cost To Fell a Tree]

The different types of stump removal 

To stump a tree, 4 methods can be applied. 

Stump removal by trimming

Widely used in the residential sector for its speed of execution and the safety it provides, this method involves the use of a trimmer. This machine equipped with a cutting device can remove the trunk in a few minutes. The advantage is twofold:

  • it only targets the stump in question (no shrub or tree in the surrounding area is affected);
  • it is very respectful of your environment (because it does not use any chemicals).

However, it does not remove the roots and projects a large quantity of shavings which can infect nearby plants in the event of disease. 

Mechanical stump removal

More imposing but more powerful, this method is undoubtedly the most effective, provided you have enough space to accommodate construction equipment in your garden. 

The extraction of the strain can be done using 3 machines:

  • a mechanical excavator, which involves pushing or digging to extract it
  • a core drilling machine, less destructive and more suitable for sites with little space, which drills into the ground to remove it more easily.
  • a Becker tooth, which gradually planes and generates wood chips. [How Much Does It Cost To Fell a Tree]

Chemical stump removal

The most economical solution, this technique consists of injecting chemicals inside the stump. Needless to say, it doesn’t just have fans, for several reasons:

  • the injected products are toxic and dangerous for animals and yourself.
  • they are highly flammable.
  • they can also pollute your vegetable garden or nearby groundwater.

Manual stump removal

Do you have time? The diameter of your tree remains modest. Are you looking for the most ecological solution possible? Opt for the manual approach. With a few tools and some effort, a pro can get it done in just a few hours. 

The cost of removing a tree stump

Depending on the age of the tree or its species, the roots of a tree can be deeply anchored in the ground. During stump removal work, it is therefore common to use construction machinery to dig, which has a strong impact on the estimate for this type of work. 

And, if it is impossible for machines to access your home, a fully manual operation takes much longer than a mechanical operation. Which increases the price of labor on a quote.

The price according to size

The cost of the service depends above all on this criterion:

Tree height in metersPrice range
2 to 590 to 190$
5 to 10190 to 290$
10 to 15290 to 390$
15 to 20390 to 490$
20 to 25490 to 590$
[How Much Does It Cost To Fell a Tree]

The price according to the stump removal method

The technique used is very important to get an idea of ​​the price of the service. 

Technique usedPrice range
By trimming150 to 500$
Mechanical300 to 800$
Chemical80 to 150$
Manual150 to 300$

Tree felling price: summary table

Need to see things more clearly? This table summarizes all the prices.

FeaturesPrice range 
Tree HeightBetween 2 and 5 m90 to 190$
Between 5 and 10 m190 to 290$
Between 10 and 15 m290 to 390$
Between 15 and 20 m390 to 490$
Between 20 and 25 m490 to 590$
Type of stump removalBy trimming150 to 500$
Mechanical300 to 800$
Chemical80 to 150$
Manual150 to 300$

Who can you call to cut down a tree in your garden?

Which professional to cut down a tree?

To find out precisely the cost of felling a tree and request a quote, you can contact 2 categories of professionals:

  • a lumberjack
  • a pruner

They may have the status of craftsman, or be part of a pruning company. In all cases, make sure that the professional has civil liability insurance. It will cover damages in the event of a problem when felling the tree. 

If the conditions of access to the trees to be felled are ideal, and if the work does not require very specific equipment, it is also possible to contact a gardening company to have a tree felled. [How Much Does It Cost To Fell a Tree]

How to find a professional to fell a tree?

To find the right professional and the best quote for felling your trees, several solutions are available to you:

  • word of mouth: timeless, this method allows you to know the quality of the felling work in the long term (stump well removed, garden well cleaned after intervention, etc.)
  • searching for professional websites: not everyone has a website, but this will give you a first overview of the professionals near you.
  • the Yellow Pages: this site lists tree-felling professionals by geographic area, ideal for finding a craftsman or a tree pruning company near you.

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