How Much Does Tree Pruning Cost: Pricing Guide

Do you want to prune your trees as winter approaches, to avoid taking any risks with winter storms? Would you like to remove a few branches from a tree that has become too imposing and is shading your garden? 

Pruning a tree is the right solution for many situations. Discover with me the cost of pruning a tree, and benefit from valuable advice on entrusting this mission to a professional.

What criteria impact the price of tree pruning?

Recommended in many situations, pruning a tree is a complex operation, which requires know-how and suitable equipment. Pruning allows you to:

  • keep trees healthy
  • remove unsightly or invasive branches
  • reduce the height of a tree
  • clear the view

For obvious safety reasons, it is advisable to call on a company specializing in tree pruning, whatever the height of the trees to be pruned in your garden. 

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Before embarking on the work, it is therefore better to be aware of the different elements which will impact the price of pruning a tree. The price to have a tree pruned varies depending on:

  • the height of the tree  (a few meters or several tens of meters)
  • the type of pruning (maintenance pruning, pruning of dead wood, etc.)
  • the cost of labor: not all companies specializing in tree pruning charge the same prices

Cost of pruning a tree: the height of the tree

The height of the tree to be pruned is the first element that varies the price of pruning. Depending on the size of the tree in your garden, the budget required to restore its vitality and aesthetics is not the same. Generally speaking, count:

  • between 65$ and 115$  for pruning a tree less than 5 m high
  • between 100$ and 160$  for pruning a tree with a height of between 5 and 10 m
  • between 155$ and 265$  for pruning a tree with a height of between 10 and 15 m
  • between 195$ and 350$  for pruning a tree with a height of between 15 and 20 m
  • between 340$ and 490$  for pruning a tree with a height greater than 20 m

As pruning a tree does not require the purchase of materials (the pruner already has the equipment necessary for the operation), all prices announced for pruning a tree are understood here as follows: of work included.

The regulations require owners to prune trees planted in their gardens. The law requires trees to be pruned to prevent branches from obstructing public roads, obscuring signage, damaging electrical equipment, etc. 

In the event of a disaster, the owner of the tree in question may be penalized for non-maintenance. The pruning of a tree constitutes a recurring subject of neighborhood conflict. 

Your neighbor may require your tree to be pruned if it extends into their garden. However, he is not authorized to carry out this operation himself.

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Cost for tree trimming: type of pruning

Pruning a tree is a simple operation, but in practice, it results in a certain complexity. Depending on the dimensions of the tree and the objective of pruning the branches (maintenance, aesthetics, reduction in the height of the tree, etc.), the type of pruning will not be the same. Another way to find out the price of pruning a tree consists of defining the type of pruning, with:

  • a price of between 35$ and 280$ for maintenance  pruning 
  • a price of between 10$ and 140$ for pruning dead wood  
  • a price of between 20$ and 180$ for adaptation pruning  
  • a price of between 30$ and 275$ for thinning   pruning 
  • a price between 90$ and 550$  for topping 

Here again, the prices are displayed in the form of a pruning package which includes the entire service.

Depending on the pruners or companies specializing in pruning used, the removal of branches and foliage resulting from the pruning of your trees may be your responsibility or taken care of by the professional. 

Remember to check this important point before signing your quote. When provided by the professional, this service is most often billed at around 30$ per m3.

How much does tree trimming cost per hour

The average cost of tree pruning is $430 but The cost depends on the size of the tree and the number of branches being removed. For example, a palm tree prune can cost $225 while a very large tree can cost $1,200.

Pruning a tree is a complex operation, which requires know-how, technical skills, experience, and suitable equipment. Only professional pruners and specialized companies can work in your garden to prune your trees safely.

Having recourse to a specialist for the pruning of your trees will also allow you to benefit from valuable advice for the maintenance of your trees, and/or to identify the type of pruning necessary for your trees (severe pruning, gentle pruning, architectural, etc.).

On average, a professional pruner offers a rate ranging from 25$ to 65$ per hour. However, this pricing remains quite vague, since it is difficult for a novice to know in advance how long it will take to prune one or more trees. 

Most often, the cost of labor for pruning a tree is therefore directly included in the amount of a larger pruning package.

Other possible costs associated with pruning a tree

In most situations, pruning a tree does not require any expense other than the sole cost of the professional’s intervention, except for the removal of plants when this is not included in the package (see below). -above). 

In certain cases, however, it is possible to have to incur other expenses for, for example, replacing or blocking an opening in a fence of felled plants (count around €300 to €400/m² labor and plants included), and/or rehabilitating a lawn (between €3 and €100 per m² depending on the type of lawn chosen and the intervention or not of a professional for the labor). 

If you are not an expert in gardening, consider requesting an additional quote to identify the price of these additional services.

How to choose the right professional to prune your trees?

As with all your garden or homework, I recommend that you obtain at least 3 quotes before entrusting the pruning of your trees to a professional. With 3 quotes in hand, you will have a precise idea of ​​the right price for the pruning of your trees.

To choose the companies from which you will request a quote, do not hesitate to use word of mouth, browse professional directories such as the Yellow Pages, or use platforms to connect professionals and individuals.

Please note that the price of pruning a tree should not be the only criterion to take into account when making your choice. The reputation of the professional, response times, payment terms, etc., are all elements that must weigh in the balance when choosing the best quote.

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