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The cost of renovating your apartment will depend on the nature of the work, the materials used and the volume of the rooms. The budget to plan for a complete renovation varies between €800/m² and €1,400/m² while for a light renovation, it varies between €220/m² and €600/m². Here are our renovation tips for the apartment renovation budget.

What budget per m² depending on the renovation of your apartment?

Estimating the cost of your renovation work is therefore done per m² and will depend on two types of data.

The extent of the work for the apartment

The scale of the work, ranging from simple finishing to so-called major renovation, will help you define your budget. For a major renovation such as carpentry work, wall consolidation or complete insulation, you will need to budget 800 to 1,400 euros per m².

For a light renovation, that is to say the simple repair of the bathroom or the kitchen, plan a budget of 300 to 600 euros per m². Finally, for finishing work, either simple repairs or removal of coverings, 200 to 400 euros per m² will be sufficient.

The typology of work

In addition to the nature of the work, the typology, that is to say the type of renovation envisaged, will help you plan your budget.

  • For an electrical renovation, grounding or installing the electrical panel will cost around 300 to 1,000 euros with installation;
  • For the renovation of your plumbing, plan a budget ranging from 800 to 2,000 euros;
  • For the installation of your windows, a cost of 300 to 800 euros per window is expected;
  • For floor coverings, the price will range from 40 euros/m² for vinyl to 110 euros/m² for solid parquet, for example.

What criteria should you define your apartment renovation budget?

Several criteria allow you to define the budget necessary for your renovation work.

The nature of the work envisaged

Among the elements to take into account is the nature of the work on your apartment. Indeed, you will need to identify the type of work you want to carry out since from complete renovation to decorative finishes, the price will vary considerably and the budget to be set aside as well.

There are 4 types of work possible for an apartment:

  • The structure of the apartment (the structural work);
  • Water or electricity networks;
  • The layout of your apartment;
  • The decoration and finishes of the apartment.

The volume of the construction site for your apartment

Furthermore, the volume of the construction site will be a significant factor directly impacting the work budget. The cost of a renovation is most generally estimated per m², consequently, the larger the surface area, the greater the budget to be expected.

The materials and equipment chosen

In addition, when you define the conditions, the schedule as well as the materials you want to use for your renovation, your budget will have to take into account the type of supplies you want to use according to their different properties (quality, durability, respect for the environment…)

Use of professional services

In parallel with the choice of the range of materials, the cost of renovations can be amplified if you wish to use qualified labor. Indeed, for plumbing or electrical work in particular, calling on professionals is mandatory. Furthermore, using the services of an architect can also help you optimize your interior.

The location of the apartment and the construction site

Finally, the last criterion to take into account is the location of your apartment as well as its accessibility. For example, renovating an apartment in Paris, a popular capital or in the mountains, which is more difficult to access, could increase your work budget.

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