How to Choose Your Bedroom Radiator?

How to choose your bedroom radiator: A room needs a radiator that heats up quickly and can be regulated remotely. Therefore, today I have brought you three such models that are best for you: Radiant Panel, Gentle Heat Electric Radiator, and Hybrid Inertia Radiator.

There are many models of electric heaters all with their particularities some take longer to heat than others some systems heat the air while others heat people and objects using infrared rays
We take stock of the advantages of all models of this type of electric heating.

How to choose your bedroom radiator

How to choose your bedroom radiator

Before selecting a bedroom radiator you should take into account the size and requirements of your bedroom. Depending on the size of your bedroom you should check out the different radiator options available.

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What are the heating needs of a room?

How to choose your bedroom radiator

Used periodically during the night and occasional periods in the morning and evening, a bedroom does not have the same heating needs as a living room such as the living room, for example. It remains, in most cases, a passage room.

Here are some criteria to take into account when choosing a radiator for a bedroom:

  • Ademe (Environment and Energy Management Agency) has set the ideal temperature of a room at 16°C. This temperature can be increased up to 19°C during the day when the room is in use.
  • An infant or young child’s room should be constantly heated to 19°C.
  • A bedroom requires an electric radiator which quickly warms up to temperature, as heating needs are occasional.
  • The air must not be dried out to preserve the comfort of the occupant during the night.
  • Having a temperature regulator linked to the electric radiator is useful for a room to save on heating.

Once these arguments are clear in mind, it is time to go looking for the perfect electric radiator for a bedroom. [How to choose your bedroom radiator]

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The radiant panel is the best value for money for a bedroom

The radiant panel combines the advantages of the electric convector but does not dry the air since it operates by infrared radiation. It thus only heats the walls such as walls, objects, and people.

A gain in comfort compared to the convector. It is interesting because, beyond this quality, it heats up quickly. This is very useful for paying attention to your energy costs and only heating when necessary.

The gentle heat electric radiator, ideal for a child’s bedroom

The gentle heat electric radiator offers real thermal comfort. It also heats infrared radiation and maintains a constant and uniform temperature. This is why this technology is ideal for a young child’s bedroom which requires a constant temperature of 19°C.

This system can then be adapted to the more occasional use of the room once the child has grown up. The gentle heat electric radiator is most often equipped with a temperature regulator which allows you to reduce the thermostat or turn it off during prolonged absences and turn it back on automatically upon arrival.

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Its variation in numerous designs and its price of between 150$ and 750$ means that every household will be able to find one to their liking, that’s for sure. [How to choose your bedroom radiator]

The gentle heat electric radiator has a temperature regulator that allows the thermostat to be reduced or turned off during prolonged absences and automatically turned back on upon arrival.

The hybrid inertia radiator, for economical heating during occasional or permanent use

If the dry or fluid inertia radiator is not recommended for a room because of too long a heating time, the hybrid inertia radiator may be perfectly suitable. Indeed, it is equipped with both a solid heating core made of stone, cast iron, or metal which allows it to accumulate heat and gradually diffuse it into the air, and a heating film on the front which quickly rises in temperature.

In this way, this system makes it possible to meet the occasional heating needs in a room and maintain a temperature of 16°C at night while spending a minimum of energy. This electric radiator uses modern technology which can cost up to more than 1,000$ to purchase but whose economy will be unparalleled in use. [How to choose your bedroom radiator]


Will the room be used often?

If it is a guest or extra bedroom, choose the electric convector. 
Whereas if you are looking for a radiator for a permanent bedroom, it is better to choose a radiant or inertia electric radiator.

Does the occupant of the room suffer from allergies?

For people sensitive to allergies caused by dust, choose the purchase of an inertia radiator. 
This type of device is also highly recommended for a 
baby’s, child’s, or teenager’s room.

What is the exposure of the room? 

A south-facing bedroom will not have the same heating needs as a south-facing bedroom. Also, pay attention to the insulation of the room and your home. Plan a more powerful and more efficient radiator that will diffuse enough heat in a poorly oriented or poorly insulated room.

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