How to Insulate a Cold Wall From The Inside?

How to insulate a cold wall from the inside: You can choose to insulate a cold wall from the inside using insulation to stick directly onto it It is also possible to build a counter-partition or to rely on the presence of an air gap to reduce the impact of the outside cold on the inside.

The wall insulation method must be chosen according to the wall’s characteristics and the project’s technical constraints.

Most methods of insulating walls from the inside result in a loss of living space. It is therefore necessary to question the method that will correspond to your constraints. The price of installation can also be taken into account.

How to insulate a cold wall from the inside: Use a metal frame

Insulation using metal framing is a method generally proposed by interior insulation professionals. This involves fixing some metal rails to the wall, allowing the insulation to be held in place. Everything will then be covered with a place to regain the classic appearance of a wall.

With this method, it will be possible to lay almost all available insulation in roll form. Whether it is mineral wool, bio-sourced materials, or even synthetic materials, you will be spoiled for choice.

It is nevertheless important to emphasize that this type of interior insulation can reduce the living space. You will generally need 8 to 12 cm of thickness if you use this technique. However, this allows you to hide walls with imperfections. This is therefore a real argument, in the context of an aesthetic renovation.

Insulate a cold wall using insulation glued directly to the wall

Some insulation is available in the form of a rigid plate, which can be attached directly to the wall using glue. Please note to be able to use this method, the wall must be perfectly flat and without any rough edges. This will allow the panels of insulating materials to be effectively fixed.

Extruded polystyrene rock wool or even glass wool there are numerous materials available in this format. Note however that using this method involves certain difficulties if you one day wish to install electrical conduits in a wall. [How to insulate a cold wall from the inside]

Insulating a cold wall using a blade

Building a counter-partition containing an insulating material can be a solution to insulating a cold wall from the inside. One method is to leave an air gap between the wall and the constructed partition.

In addition to the sound insulation provided by this technique, you will benefit from optimal thermal insulation. Most of the time, this type of method is only used when the wall is porous, or bad weather is common in an area.

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This technique is also not incompatible with the first mentioned in this article. It will therefore be perfectly possible to build a new partition, combined with insulation using a metal frame.

It will be enough to leave an air gap of at least 2 centimeters between the wall and the new construction, to benefit from the advantages of these two techniques.

The choice of insulating materials

If the method of insulating a wall from the inside is essential, so are the materials chosen. For some individuals, using bio-sourced materials is imperative. We advise you to choose materials that respect your beliefs, but which also offer you optimal performance.

The best insulating materials for insulating a cold wall from the inside are:

  • Rock wool
  • Glass wool
  • Cellulose wadding in panel form
  • Extruded polystyrene
  • The cork

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