How to Insulate a Stone House? Easy Tips And Tricks

How to insulate a stone house: Stone has been used in the construction of buildings for centuries. Its use is also important for insulation. However, when we talk about insulation in our house, we should keep some special things in mind.

Home insulation is not only used to keep the house warm but it should be chosen carefully so that it can keep your home safe and save energy. When using stones, you should select stones that can retain heat optimally.

You should remember that the insulation’s nature is also important. It is essential to evaluate the capability of any insulation material and the level of protection it provides. In this context, economical alternative internal insulation technologies can be suitable that can make your home high quality and energy safe.

So today’s post will be about cleaning and how to carve a stone house because this will not only keep your house safe but will also help save energy.

How to Insulate a Stone House

How to insulate a stone house: from the inside or from the outside?

We tend to think that stone is a good natural insulator. Certainly the stone helps keep things cool in summer. However comfort in winter is strongly impacted by the humidity stored by this material. Just like a traditional house stone houses need effective thermal insulation to avoid heat loss and rising energy bills.

There are really two techniques for carving a stone house. Let’s start with insulation from the inside. If you want to maintain the natural exterior look of your stone house then this is the best option for you.

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Interior insulation is also the most used solution in France because it is the least expensive of the two. On the other hand, it reduces the living space and requires numerous interior finishes (place and painting in particular).

The second technique consists of installing the insulation on the exterior of the facade. Although this solution is the most effective you should know that it harms the aesthetic appearance of your stone house.

Indeed here you have to choose between insulation and an exterior stone facade. Furthermore, exterior insulation represents a higher overall cost than the interior version because the work is more numerous particularly if you opt for specific finishes.

Note that if you want to maintain a certain rustic and natural style it is advisable to choose stone or wood cladding with undeniable charm. [How to Insulate a Stone House]

How to Insulate a Stone House

Choosing the insulation

In addition to the insulation technique it is necessary to choose the right thermal and acoustic insulation to benefit from better comfort without harming the foundations of the house.

It will therefore be necessary to choose an insulator that will adapt to the characteristics of the stone. This is why we do not recommend waterproof insulation or conversely those that are too sensitive to humidity.

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Stone is a damp material that needs to breathe. Choose insulation that lets air pass through and allows the stone wall to breathe. Therefore, we advise you to opt for insulation:

  • In wood fiber
  • Cork
  • In lime
  • Solid wood

The idea is in all cases to move towards biosourced insulation. If however you opt for insulation that is slightly more sensitive to humidity than others you can complete the installation of a vapor barrier membrane.

The latter is applied between the insulation and the plasterboard. It makes it possible to treat the air permeability of the house to regulate humidity and therefore to improve thermal comfort in the stone house. [How to Insulate a Stone House]

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Insulating Old Stone Buildings Professionally

There are many ways available to insulate an old stone building, but today I will tell you some ways by which you can insulate your stone house for very little money. Some common types of insulation are:

Foam board insulation: Foam board made of polystyrene polyurethane or polyisocyanurate is installed on the outside or inside of stone walls. Foam board insulation is considered great for blocking heat and cold but it is prone to fire.

Fiberglass insulation: In this insulation fiberglass fibers are filled in the space between the stone walls. Due to this it works very well in protecting from heat, cold and fire and at the same time, let me tell you, it proves to be very weak in stopping the sound.

Cellulose insulation: This insulation does not require anything except cutting old newspapers, paper or cardboard into small pieces mixing it with fire retardant and filling it in the space between the stone walls. This insulation is best for protecting from heat cold sound and fire.

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