Top 6 easy ways Revamping Your Bedroom at a Low Cost

Revamping Your Bedroom at Low Cost: Is your room a little out of fashion? Sometimes it only takes a few things to dust off that room in your house that has been dormant for too long.

Want to revamp your room without spending too much? Discover practical advice and decorating tips to give your room a new lease of life at a lower cost.

Makeover your bedroom at a low price by painting your headboard

Is your bedroom immaculate white? Give it a little pep in just a few hours. For this, no need to change furniture. A simple lick of paint is enough to color the wall against which your headboard is attached. 

Revamping Your Bedroom
Revamping Your Bedroom

A great way to add character to your interior. Arm yourself with a can of paint in the color of your choice. Two options are available to you: paint the entire wall or create a headboard that will give an ultra-graphic visual effect. 

This type of decorating idea can also be used in a child’s bedroom. Let yourself be guided by sources of inspiration such as your children’s favorite cartoon characters or nature, to design a fun and original headboard.

In terms of price, you have to count on a budget of between 11 and 50$ /liter (1) for acrylic paint and 14 to 65$/liter for effect paint, knowing that the average yield of paint is 10 m² / liter.

Sticking wallpaper on a section of wall, an inexpensive tip

Very trendy, wallpaper comes in a wide variety of models, colors, and themes. Plain, graphic, floral, tropical, panoramic… you will inevitably find the wallpaper of your dreams among the countless references available in decoration stores.

For easier installation, I advise you to favor non-woven wallpapers which are more solid and easier to handle. For this type of wallpaper, the prices displayed vary between 15 and 250$ per roll depending on the level of range.

But to satisfy a limited budget, traditional wallpaper whose price varies between 3 and 12 $ per roll will have a similar effect, even if its installation requires a little more work.

Decorating tips: take advantage of this change of decor to do a little home staging. Review the arrangement of your furniture, decorative objects, and accessories, or rearrange the space to create a different atmosphere at a lower cost.

Decoration trend: focus everything on lighting

For a new decoration at a low price, it is in your best interest to rework your lighting system. Light plays a major role in the atmosphere of an interior. 

Within a house or apartment, the bedroom is a somewhat separate space where the atmosphere must be cozy and soothing, unlike rooms like the kitchen or living room. 

It is therefore advisable to avoid ceiling lights or lampshades which diffuse central light, which is often too aggressive for this room in the house.

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In a space dedicated to sleep, focus instead on the play of light and shadow by multiplying soft light points which will be a source of serenity and calm. One or two bedside lamps placed on a piece of furniture or a nightstand are often enough to light a standard-sized bedroom.

You will easily find models starting from 3$ for the first price and up to 149$ for high-end bedside lamps. Prices can be much higher for designer models.

Revamping Your Bedroom New style, new sheet set

To rethink the decoration of your bedroom without spending too much, sometimes you just need to focus on the details. Changing your bed linen is, for example, a fairly simple decorative gesture that will not disrupt the interior design of your room, but which, visually, will give it a whole new image. 

As with the wallpaper, the models of bed sets (duvet cover and 2 pillowcases) are diverse and varied. For a small budget, count on affordable prices from 10$. 

However, certain ornaments made from noble materials such as linen can cost more than 200$. This decorating tip essentially applies to an adult bedroom with a double bed. In a child’s bedroom, the decor effect will be less “wow” on a small single bed. 

Decorating tips for revamping a child’s bedroom: focus on decorative objects, furniture, or accessories that will give style to the room.

Decorating idea: replace your curtains with a blind

Colors, dimensions, materials… whatever your decoration criteria, you will have no trouble finding what you are looking for among a wide range of blinds sold in decoration and DIY stores.

For a standard size model (width of 60 and 100 cm), you should aim for prices between 10 and 99$ for a roller blind, between 9 and 90$ for a Venetian blind, and between 15 and 85 $ for a Roman blind.

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Decorate your bedroom with a large rug under the bed

Revamping Your Bedroom at a Low Cost

In the section on makeover tips for decorating a house at a lower price, you can also dress your floor with a rug… In addition to creating a particularly pleasant cocooning atmosphere, this interior accessory will also prevent you from having cold feet in the morning when you wake up. 

In a child’s bedroom, the rug is an excellent way to add a decorative touch to a world essentially dedicated to play.

When it comes to color, you will be spoiled for choice when it comes to revamping this room in your home. Same for the textures. Fluffy, short pile, pilled, natural fibers… What will your future carpet look like?

You will be able to control your budget quite easily since for an 80 x 150 cm model, prices fluctuate between 23$ for an entry-level model and 270$ for higher quality models.

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