Unlimited 5G – Airtel 5G Plus & Jio True 5G

Let us tell you that Airtel and Jio have 5G networks in India. In the cities where 5G was started, people are using 5G of both Jio and Airtel in those cities.

Unlimited 5G

But let us tell you that not all people are getting 5G networks inside those cities, then what is the problem today we are going to talk about these 5 wins have started but still not all people are getting 5G.

First of all, the 5G phones that were launched in these 2 years, have to say here that they are 5G phones but in reality, they do not support 5G at all. Just to say that it is a 5G phone.

There are some phones in which there is a restriction of software, which means their hardware is capable but the software is not capable to run 5G in India. In such a case, the phone that belongs to the manufacturing company is making the software and they will give the software update later, after that 5G will run smoothly.

Airtel 5G Plus

In this way, people who have software problems in their phone will get it fixed later and they will be able to enjoy the 5G network easily. Those who are thinking that they have recently bought a 4G phone and after doing some updates it will run 5G, then this is not going to happen at all.

If your phone’s hardware supports 5G, then only 5G can be enabled in it with software, if your phone’s hardware is 4G, it has a 4G modem, then in any case your phone will not become 5G.

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So those who have recently bought a 4G smartphone, then this can be very sad news for them. Let us tell you that both Jio and Airtel have launched 5G plans.

Jio True 5G

5G network did not come in India, even before that 5G phones were launched in India. Not only this, even though the iPhone is not running 5G yet, the iPhone is yet to release a software update, and only after that, the 5G network will be able to run on the iPhone.

So you may have to wait a long time to use 5G in the present time. Right now Airtel 5G is named Airtel 5G Plus and Jio 5G is Jio true.

So in India, you have been able to get 5G from both Jio and Airtel companies at present, in some selected cities, and let us tell you that to use 5G, you will not need to get a new SIM for both companies.

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