What budget should you plan for an outdoor kitchen?

What budget should you plan for an outdoor kitchen: You know the expression “Luxury is having a choice”? And this is the case when you build a summer kitchen. You have the choice of cooking inside your house or next to the swimming pool, in the garden with your friends and loved ones. 

There are a multitude of combinations that you can adapt according to your desires: barbecue or plancha. Gas or electricity? For a hassle-free installation, I take out its calculator and help you estimate your project. 

So, are you ready? should you plan for an outdoor kitchen? Cook and entertain in complete relaxation.

The essential

Setting up a space for cooking outdoors has a different cost depending on the condition of your garden or terrace (without electrical installation or water drainage).

The budget for a summer kitchen starts at 1,300$ and can soar if you plan on a lot of equipment or accessories.

A structure like a pergola helps protect each piece of furniture from water and the sun.

The choice of each product is important: choose materials that resist bad weather such as stainless steel or even concrete.

It is advisable to request several quotes to compare the prices of different craftsmen.

Why install a summer kitchen?

  1. An asset for conviviality
  2. Cooking over wood fires or on the plancha
  3. A slap with bad smells
  4. Enhancement of your exterior
What budget should you plan for an outdoor kitchen
Outdoor Kitchen

The outdoor summer kitchen is the ideal solution for sharing friendly moments with family or friends over a good meal, but not only that!

1. An asset for conviviality

If you are the chef at home, you know how difficult it is to share conversations when you entertain: your friends and family are in the living room and you are in the kitchen, cooking. 

And it gets even worse when the sunny days arrive. You are confined inside as you hear the bursts of laughter in the garden. 

By installing a summer kitchen, you can participate in discussions while preparing a Niçoise salad or cooking a steak on the barbecue. [What budget should you plan for an outdoor kitchen]

2. Cooking over wood fires or on the plancha

But yes Imagine cooking your fish over a wood fire. This is not possible inside your home but the outdoor space is perfect. You’ll cook easily with all the utensils you need. And the plancha? This method of preparation is also pleasant and easy.

3. A slap with bad smells

Some dishes are excellent but their smells persist, like fish or squid. A summer kitchen allows you to cook your best dishes without worrying about cooking fumes. It’s an interesting alternative, even if it’s not summer!

4. Enhancement of your exterior

The summer kitchen enhances your property. If you plan to sell your house, there is no doubt that it will be a significant added value, in the same way as landscaping the garden with integrated watering.

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Questions to ask yourself before the project

As with all developments, it is necessary to ask yourself the right questions before embarking on the work. Summer cooking is no exception to the rule! [What budget should you plan for an outdoor kitchen]

A kitchen kit or custom-made?

Summer kitchen manufacturers have planned different installations: in kit form or tailor-made. Kit kitchens are made up of several modules independent of each other, with for example:

  • A module with a sink
  • A gas or electric cooking island
  • A deep fryer (bye-bye frying smells)
  • A pizza oven
  • Storage furniture
  • A refrigerator
  • Work plans.

You choose the modules according to your needs and also your budget.

If you prefer a tailor-made summer kitchen, the cost will be higher but you will have access to a wider range of materials, shapes, and even designs. Your summer kitchen will be as you imagine it, by the layout of the rest of your exterior, terrace, or garden.

Dimensions of summer kitchens

Too big, the kitchen takes up all the space. Too small, it is not practical. It is therefore important to choose the layout carefully before ordering the elements. 

What budget should you plan for an outdoor kitchen

I encourage you to seek professional advice and help from the start of your construction project. They will be able to help you delimit this new space using precise plans. [What budget should you plan for an outdoor kitchen]

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Materials for outdoor kitchens

Total stainless steel or concrete and wood? The choice of materials is not trivial because it will determine the durability and solidity of your summer kitchen. It also depends on the location of your kitchen: is it partly sheltered or does it need to be UV and rain-resistant?

Here are the different materials most often used for a summer kitchen:

  • Concrete
  • Stone
  • Stainless steel
  • The brick

For the worktop, opt for unalterable materials such as granite or marble. Stainless steel is also possible because it is very resistant.

Of course, it is interesting to assemble several materials such as wood concrete, or aluminum for example. If the first requires regular maintenance, the second is resistant to all bad weather. And if you’re betting on wood, why not think about a pergola to protect everything?

The location and plan of the summer kitchen

It’s not always easy to decide on the ideal location for a summer kitchen! This space must fit perfectly into your exterior while remaining functional. It should not, for example, prevent you from walking around your garden. 

But it must be located close to the spaces where guests will be able to “chill” while waiting for your delicious meals. Finally, it is preferable to install it sheltered from bad weather so that you can enjoy it even if the weather is not good.

Do not hesitate to simulate this location by creating a plan to fully understand the layout and check that it meets your expectations. [What budget should you plan for an outdoor kitchen]


Take into account electrical connections and water drainage when deciding on the location of your summer kitchen.

The necessary authorizations for the installation of a summer kitchen

Outdoor constructions, whether a garage, a swimming pool, or even a terrace, obey precise rules. And often it’s about the surface, as is the case here.

If your summer kitchen has a surface area of ​​less than 5 m²

For this type of “mini” kitchen, you do not need authorization from the town hall or your neighbors. But don’t hesitate to warn them, out of politeness, so that these moments of relaxation don’t become problematic when the smoke from the barbecue flies over the other side of the fence!

If your summer kitchen is between 5 and 20 m²

In this case, it is necessary to submit a prior declaration of work to your town hall.

If your summer kitchen occupies a surface area greater than 20 m²

It’s a large summer kitchen and you will need to obtain a driver’s license before starting your work. Pay attention to the processing times because it is always risky to rely on acceptance of the permit and to begin the work: in the event of refusal, you may be forced to destroy the construction. [What budget should you plan for an outdoor kitchen]


One of my advice: entrust professionals with the creation of execution plans which can be more complex than you think.

Elements impacting the cost of an outdoor kitchen

Unsurprisingly, the price of your outdoor kitchen depends on the same criteria as for an indoor kitchen. In particular, the equipment you plan to use such as the barbecue, but also the materials for the coverings (steel, stainless steel) or even gas or electric cooking.

Equipment for your summer kitchen

Cooking in your garden allows you to use equipment suitable for outdoors such as the barbecue or cooking over a wood fire. You can select from a wide range of products at different prices. This also allows you to adapt your modules according to your finances. 

This is the case, among other things, for the washing station: do you need a sink or a dishwasher? You will also be surprised to see all the possibilities for lighting or storage spaces.

The surface area of ​​the summer kitchen

Logically, the larger your kitchen, the higher the price, especially if you decide to install it on a tiled surface. The surface area has a direct impact on the price of your summer kitchen.

A pergola as a shelter for the summer kitchen

While some prefer to associate outdoor cooking with summer, others choose to use their outdoor kitchen in all seasons. 

To avoid damaging your kitchen due to bad weather, you can install a pergola that serves as a shelter. This is an additional cost but allows you to enjoy your garden or terrace more often. [What budget should you plan for an outdoor kitchen]

Labor cost

Setting up an outdoor kitchen requires several trades: a mason, an electrician, or even a carpenter and a kitchen designer. If you have DIY skills, you can help with this work. 

It is sometimes necessary to plan the budgets for the installation of electricity and the arrangement of the terrace.

What budget should you plan for an outdoor kitchen: What price of an outdoor kitchen?

Each product that you choose to furnish your outdoor kitchen must correspond to the use you are going to make of it. For example, if your kitchen is not protected, one of the tips is to choose a natural stone worktop that resists all weather.

Possible product for an outdoor kitchenProduct price without installation (1)
Natural stone or stainless steel worktop100 to 400$ per m²
Fixed barbecue300 to 1,500$
Sink100 to 500$
Pizza oven300 to 1,300$
Iron300 to 800$
Bioclimatic pergola, depending on the material2,500 to 19,500$

Which professional should you entrust with installing an outdoor kitchen?

The kitchen designer for tailor-made products

The kitchen designer carries out personalized kitchen installations following standardized standards according to the client’s requests. 

He is thus able to create turnkey kitchens and must therefore generally manage a construction site including plumbing, electrical, masonry, tiling, or painting work. Ideal, therefore, but requires a substantial budget.

Several craftsmen for a kit model

A general company

A good option for managing the entire site and coordinating the different trades (electrician, plumbing, and mason).

A carpenter

This wood specialist is completely competent in the construction and arrangement of the structure but also of storage elements and drawers, for example.

A plumber

It will be necessary to carry out the installation of water pipes and drainage systems for your sink or dishwasher.

An electrician

If you plan to have electrical appliances, such as a refrigerator, electric grill, or electrical outlets, a licensed electrician will need to handle the installation of cables and outlets following safety standards.

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