What Insulation Between Two Common Walls?

What Insulation Between Two Common Walls: The best way to insulate between two common walls will be to use rock wool panels. The properties of this material allow you to benefit from ideal acoustic insulation.

It will nevertheless be necessary to respect a few rules, such as the need to leave cavities, to benefit from optimal efficiency. Whether it’s a noise problem or temperature regulation, you may want to insulate the wall shared with your neighbors.

In this article, we invite you to discover the best methods for wall insulation and the materials to choose for this type of work. We will also come back to the mistakes not to make.

Methods for insulating party walls

Insulating a hollow wall from the inside

Regarding interior insulation, noise pollution is often the reason for initiating the project. The methods are different, depending on the type of wall you have in your home. What we call a cavity wall is a wall made up of two brick sections.

A cavity generally separates the two parts constituting the partition. To be able to insulate a hollow wall from the inside, the following conditions must be met:

  • The walls must be made of brick
  • The cavity must represent sufficient space
  • The wall must be in good condition
  • The interior must be arid

Alternatives in case of impossibility

If this method of insulation is not possible, it is possible to insulate one or the other side of the wall. Interior insulation will then consist of the construction of a structure to accommodate insulating panels. They will then be covered with a layer of place.

This method can reduce the space of the room where the common wall is located. In particular, it will be necessary to leave a certain space between the insulating material and the wall, to benefit from optimal sound insulation. It is nevertheless a formidable method, which allows you to obtain satisfactory results.

The best materials for insulating a party wall

Glass wool

Glass wool is the material that offers the best thermal and sound insulation. Thanks to its excellent quality-price ratio, you will be able to insulate your party wall quite easily. Glass wool can be injected directly between two partitions. It is also sold in panel form.

Polystyrene balls

EPS beads are what we call expanded polystyrene beads. Depending on the type of product you choose, you will be able to benefit from certain abilities to insulate from noise and temperatures.

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However, the performance is less good than using glass wool. We therefore advise you to choose this type of product if it is impossible to use this mineral insulation.

Polyurethane foam

Popular for the speed of its action, it is the famous foam that swells directly after being projected. Although this solution is not the most effective for sound insulation, it is still easy to implement. It also has other arguments, such as good thermal insulation, and the possibility of filling certain cracks.

Mistakes not to make when insulating a party wall

Certain mistakes should not be made to ensure the effectiveness of your insulation device. First of all, the chosen insulation must be distributed in the right way, to provide good retention of noise or external temperatures.

If the wall of your living room adjoins your neighbor’s garage, you will appreciate that no thermal bridge will affect your insulation.

In terms of sound insulation, it is also important to always keep a cavity. It alone provides a large part of the noise insulation you can benefit from. You must therefore ensure that there is as little contact as possible between the two parts of the partition.

In the case of homes with hollow walls, it may be useful to check that the masonry was well done, to ensure the presence of a good cavity, without any unintentional contact areas.

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