What is The Best Worktop For a Kitchen

What is The Best Worktop For a Kitchen: Some might smile at your indecision regarding the material of your worktop. The choice is vast but you have your requirements.

Do you want a hygienic easy-to-maintain and at the same time aesthetic surface with an attractive price? Solid wood? Corian? Laminate?

Fortunately, I am here to give you all the advantages and disadvantages of each coating. And tell you what the best quality/price ratio is for you.

How to make the right choice for your kitchen worktop?

What is The Best Worktop For a Kitchen

Before you start buying, take a few moments to think about the kitchen of your dreams. The worktop is an integral part of the general layout of this room, which everyone loves so much.

What is my budget for the countertop?

This can determine your purchase, or at least eliminate certain materials that could blow up your budget. You will see that the price differences per m² are significant.

What style for my kitchen?

All styles come together in your home and your kitchen: you can choose a stone or glass worktop with furniture with wooden fronts. But Corian for example, is particularly suitable for a designer kitchen with pure lines. It would be a shame not to highlight this high-end product very trendy in decoration. [What is The Best Worktop For a Kitchen]

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What should be the main quality of my work plan?

Not everyone has the same relationship with cooking and the same way of cooking. Some need a lot of space and a very large area for cutting and milling. Others on the contrary prefer a reduced work area but a more technical covering with qualities linked to hygiene.

What elements should I include in my kitchen?

Today it is possible to integrate elements aesthetically. The sink is thermoformed, without visible joints, the hood is also invisible under the induction hob. Technological advances are numerous but can be costly. It is important to list them carefully to include them in your quote requests.

What is The Best Worktop For a Kitchen: The laminate worktop

The advantages of laminate worktop

This is certainly the most well-known worktop. It has colonized all entry-level kitchens in student studios. But don’t rely on your memories this coating has quite a few qualities and in particular its low cost.

To this first advantage, you can add:

  • its ease of maintenance
  • its many possible colors and finishes
  • its non-porosity [What is The Best Worktop For a Kitchen]

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The disadvantages of laminate

This coating displays less resistance to (very high) heat and scratches. By protecting it, you can extend its lifespan but this is an additional constraint.

Finally, in terms of finishing, the joints remain visible and become dirty over time. You must make sure to clean and change them regularly.

The price of laminate plans

It is the cheapest on the market with products starting at 25$ per m².

Laminate is ideal…

If you do not want to devote too much budget to the work plan. Its installation like its cutting is very simple to carry out.

The compact worktop

The advantages of the compact

Compact is a “better” laminate. The manufacturing method is different: under high pressure and high temperature from a composite of layers of resin-coated laminates. This gives it additional qualities but also a different appearance: it is available in thicknesses of 1 to 2 cm instead of double for the classic.

Added to this is the ease of maintenance, numerous colors, its waterproofness and its resistance to scratches and heat. [What is The Best Worktop For a Kitchen]

The disadvantages of the compact

  • Its superior qualities result in a higher cost. If laminates are economical the compact is less so.
  • You should be careful not to spill chemicals like acetone or oven cleaner. This causes lasting damage to the coating.
  • Cutting is more difficult because of the density of the compact.

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The price of the compact

It takes an average of 300$ per m² without installation

The compact is preferred…

If you prefer a discreet worktop with a certain finesse. Dyed throughout it offers a particularly delicate finish.

The natural stone worktop

The advantages of natural stone

Ahhh natural stone! Have you dreamed of it? This is the brand of high-class kitchens. You have the choice between marble, granite or even slate. The finish is magnificent and the touch is so special…

The disadvantages of natural stone

Whatever your preference, the rock is worked in the mass. The tailor-made plan is created when the furniture is installed. It is not possible to add a little extra marble if you made a mistake in the dimensions…

The other fault of this type of worktop remains their porosity. It is essential to waterproof them every year. You must also avoid too much shock with the fall of an object for example, which can cause a chip, which is difficult to repair. One last little flaw: the cost which is among the highest. [What is The Best Worktop For a Kitchen]

The price of natural stone worktops

The budget ranges from 100$ to more than 500$ per m². You can request a quote for a quartz plan, which is less expensive and which is closest to natural stone.

Natural stone is essential

If you are sensitive to its raw, natural and refined appearance at the same time.

The Corian worktop

The advantages of this material

Interior designers and kitchen designers are fans of this trendy material, composed of acrylic polymer resin and mineral powder. It must be said that it has interesting qualities:

  • it is ultra-strong
  • it is soft to the touch
  • it is possible to fold and thermoform it
  • it is easy to maintain.

Finally, you can choose the corian worktop if you need a large product, a single holding, cut to measure.

The downsides to the use of Corian

Even the most efficient and aesthetic materials have their little Achilles heel: this one has two.

  • Its price is high compared to other coatings.
  • It is vulnerable to scratches from knives and heat. This requires you to be careful when cutting your vegetables and when you take the casserole dish out of the oven. Some might think that these flaws are too significant compared to its price. It’s up to you.

The price of the “solid surface” worktop

They are around 380$ per m² without installation. [What is The Best Worktop For a Kitchen]

Choose Corian…

If you are seduced by its delicate design and its resistance. It comes in all shapes and offers a particularly beautiful finish.

The ceramic worktop

The qualities of this type of coating

Ceramic or porcelain stoneware is a mixture of natural materials that have been pressed or subjected to a firing process above 1200 degrees. This makes the surface extremely resistant to shocks but also to heat. You can trust him, he won’t let you down.

And for the aesthetic side, no problem: there are many colors and finishes to adapt to the look of your interior with marble, terrazzo, or even polished concrete effect.

The defects of a ceramic worktop

There are not many of them, there is no denying it! But they are there: some do not adhere to its “old fashioned”, outdated side. But if you choose large enough tiles, this remains an interesting alternative with few joints to clean regularly.

For perfect installation, the kitchen designer will measure the dimensions himself to offer you the best alternative regarding the number of slabs to plan. [What is The Best Worktop For a Kitchen]

The cost of a ceramic worktop

It costs between 100 and 300$ per m² excluding installation.

The ceramic worktop is made for you

If you like this easy-to-use material that can adapt to all interiors, thanks to varied finishes and colors.

The solid wood worktop

The qualities of wood

There is not just one type of solid woodworktops. The proposals are numerous, not only for the essence but also for how it is composed. Herringbone, short slats, or a single piece, you will find the one that best suits the style of your kitchen. You can also bet on its warm and easy-to-clean side.

The defects of wooden worktops

Even on a worktop, the wood remains alive and if you are not careful, it will “move”. Especially if it is not well protected from humidity. It is recommended to brush it at least every year with linseed oil which will improve its waterproofing.

The cost of a solid wood worktop

It costs between 50 and 180$ per m² without installation.

Focus on wood…

If you are looking for the warm and rustic side of wood. But you don’t have to live in a Swiss chalet to choose it: it goes perfectly well with steel facades, for example. [What is The Best Worktop For a Kitchen]

The stainless steel worktop

The qualities of stainless steel

Have you watched shows with chefs? This is where the stainless steel worktop appeared to you! Indeed, it is present in all professional kitchens, and here is why.

If stainless steel is the star among the pros, it is of course for its many advantages:

  • it resists everything: heat, acids and shocks
  • it is hygienic.

The defects of stainless steel

If you are a stickler, you will suffer with stainless steel! Indeed, it is difficult to obtain a surface without fingerprints or water stains. This requires polishing it regularly… or even all the time…

The other downside to using this type of material is that it is sensitive to scratches from knife blades: you cannot cut directly on the plane of work. This is a constraint unless you accept the weathered appearance and the “lived-in” appearance of the surface.

The cost of a stainless steel worktop

It takes from 75 to 300$ per m² without installation.

You need to buy a stainless steel worktop…

When you want a chef’s kitchen, with the constraints that this implies: pay attention to the coating. In addition to its technical qualities, you can also succumb to its unrivaled look: there is reflection, metallic. You won’t find it anywhere else.

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