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What is The Most Economical Heating Method: Do you want to save money by adopting the most economical heating method? Don’t panic, we are here to guide you. To date, the most economical heating method is the heat pump since it allows energy savings of up to 60%.

Focus on this efficient and economical solution which allows you to heat better at home.

The criteria that define economical heating

Before looking at the most economical heating method, it is crucial to understand what characterizes economical heating.

So, we have listed the 5 main points to take into account when choosing your heating solution:

  • Your heating needs and your allocated budget
  • Insulating your home
  • The price of fuel
  • The price of heating installation and its ROI
  • The efficiency of the heater

The heat pump, the efficient and economical solution

If the wood boiler is on the rise thanks to the low price of its fuel, the heat pump has not said its last word. Indeed, a heat pump is truly efficient, a heating system that is both economical and ecological.

Its principle is simple: it captures energy in the outside air, in the soil of your garden, or the water in the basement and transmits it inside via a radiator, a heated floor, or a fan. convector depending on your installation.

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There are three types of heat pumps:

  • The aerothermal heat pump: air-air (to heat the home only) or air-water (to heat the home and produce heat)
  • The geothermal heat pump: it draws its energy from the soil of your garden
  • The hydrothermal heat pump: it draws its energy from underground water

Since the heat pump draws its energy from nature, it creates more energy than it consumes. Thus, your energy consumption is reduced, because the main resource (air or water) is free.

Thanks to its cutting-edge technology, an air-water heat pump allows you to achieve almost 60% energy savings on the bill.

Thus, by combining it with a condensing boiler or a wood pellet stove, you will offer yourself a heating system that is both ecological and economical.

Have you thought about insulating your home?

The heat pump is a system that is suitable for new constructions and homes that have benefited from energy renovations. Indeed, there is no point in investing in such a device if the operating conditions are not optimal.

A poorly insulated house causes nearly 30% of heat loss. Therefore, you will not benefit from the benefits of your heat pump in an environment that suffers from poor thermal insulation.

If the cost of the project scares you, rest assured: the State has put in place numerous aid measures to support the French during their energy renovation work.

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