How Much Does it Cost to Furnish a Room?

There can be many reasons to start designing a bedroom. A new house, the arrival of a baby, the transformation of a garage into a master suite And the prices are very different depending on the work.

I support you in your project to define your budget and to better understand the quotes down to the smallest detail.

How Much Does it Cost to Furnish a Room
How Much Does it Cost to Furnish a Room

The essential

The price of the fit-out varies depending on the materials for the floor, ceiling, and walls of your new room.

Don’t underestimate the furniture budget, essential to feeling good in this new space. To estimate your interior design project, do not hesitate to contact professionals and request quotes.

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Elements to take into account when calculating the price of fitting out a room


The bedroom is a room that must be comfortable and cozy: you spend almost a third of your time there. Do you prefer laminate or carpet? Wallpaper on the walls or new paint on the partition? 

Floor and wall coverings are to be included in your project, with a variable amount depending on the type of supply and the surface area.


It is also necessary to estimate the cost of electrical renovation and heating appliances. A detail that is important for your comfort. Do not hesitate to ask for quotes from professionals before fitting out the interior of the attic or garage.

Furniture and decor

Take into account the price of furniture (bed, desk, wardrobe, bedside table), and that of decorative accessories. They go a long way in creating the ideal ambiance for sweet dreams.


You may need the help of a professional to arrange your space: a painter, carpenter, or electrician for example. Or even a plumber if you plan to install a bathroom. 

The price of interventions varies depending on the nature of the work, but you will save time. I advise you to request several quotes before deciding.

Good to know

If you are embarking on the renovation of a garage or the attic of the house, plan for good insulation and the creation of an opening. These positions can increase the bill, but they are essential.

What are the prices of floor coverings?

Price of imitation parquet laminate flooring

Simple to install and even easier to maintain, laminate flooring offers good value for money. For the materials alone, count between 4 and 20$ per m² for laminate parquet, from entry-level ( 4 to 6$ per m² ) to high-end laminate flooring ( 10 to 20$ per m² ).  

Price of floating flooring

Laminate flooring offers an excellent compromise. It looks like solid wood, without its constraints… and less expensive. Expect 15 to 120$ per m² for materials alone. 

The price depends on the level of range and the species of wood: pine, maple, oak, chestnut, or cherry… Beech, for example, is the most expensive wood (between 50$ and $120 per m²

Price of solid wood flooring

Solid parquet flooring is a must! It is very appreciated throughout the house for its authentic appearance and its great solidity. But beware of the amount of the bill, which is not a detail. 

The price per m² for the materials alone also depends on the type of parquet: oak wood, beech wood, teak, or even merbeau. Count from 15 to 180$  without installation.

Price of tiled flooring

Tiling isn’t just for the kitchen. This surface area has real advantages, especially if you are considering creating a master suite with a dressing room and shower room or bathroom. 

The amount varies depending on the type of tiling: from 3 to 230 euros per m², without installation. Cement, imitation marble, earthenware, or mosaic … the choice is yours! 

Price of carpet flooring

There are different styles of carpets, not to mention their colors or patterns. Some prefer the comfort of a wool carpet or the simplicity of synthetic, while others appreciate the aesthetics of sisal or seagrass. Expect between 3$ and 154$ per m², excluding installation.

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How much do wall coverings cost?

Wallpaper cost

Wall wallpaper offers a great advantage: it exists in a multitude of colors and patterns. You can opt for a plain wall on one side, and play with patterns on the other side for a trendy effect. Prices according to the type of wallpaper, without installation: 

  • Traditional wallpaper is the least expensive: count on 3 to 12$ per roll.
  • The price of expanded, natural fiber, or vinyl wallpaper varies from 8 to 140$ per roll.
  • The price of non-woven wallpaper ranges from 15 to 250$ per roll.

Cost of paint

For the renovation of a garage and a new development, painting the walls is essential. The room will also gain in light and comfort: enough to meet your creative desires. 

Count, without the pose:

  • from 2 to 8$ per square meter for acrylic paints
  • from 5 to 9$ per square meter for glycerol paint
  • from 3 to 6$ per m² for a special anti-humidity paint.

How much does electricity cost when you furnish a room? 

If you are converting a garage or attic into a bedroom – a good solution when building an extension is impossible – you will need to plan for electrical work. 

This is also the case if you are renovating the room: you can change the location of the electrical outlets, or replace them with new standard outlets. Also consider installing wall lights, more suited to this new space.

  • Wall lights: from 5 to 120$, supply only.
  • Wall electrical outlets: from 5 to 74$, supply only. 

How much does the bedroom furniture cost?

The bed: a priority for sleeping well. And you can find them at all prices.

  • For a bed frame, classic size 140 x 220 cm, count on 45 to 550$
  • The mattress also requires a certain investment: count between 400 and 700$, and between 1000 and 1,800$ for a high-end mattress. 

Without forgetting the rest of the furniture:

  • Bedside tables, from 7 to 170$ each 
  • A chest of drawers, from 15 to 530$ 
  • A wardrobe, between 80 and 1550$. Some wardrobes can be organized into modular dressing rooms: don’t hesitate to ask for a quote
From 45 to 550$From 400 to 1,800From 7 to 170 $From 15 to 530 $From 80$ to 1,550$

How much does it cost to decorate a bedroom?

This is the “pleasure” budget for your project. The decoration will not be the same for a parental bedroom or that of a child. Think, for example, of curtains and net curtains for each opening in the room.     

Plan, without the pose:

  • From 4$ to 20$ for window curtains
  • From 4 to 75$ each for curtains
  • From 5 to 270$ for roller blinds.

What is the budget for the intervention of a craftsman depending on the profession?

If you decide to call on a professional, I advise you to request at least three quotes. This will help you calculate your installation as accurately as possible, including labor. 

  • The hourly cost of an electrician ranges between 30 and 70$ excluding tax, up to 100 $ in large cities.
  • Calling a painter will cost you 25 to 40$ per hour excluding tax.
  • For the installation of a parquet floor, count on 20 to 70$ excluding VAT per hour. 

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