What is the budget for a garden shed?

Do you no longer have room to store your garden tools and are looking for additional space? The garden shed can adopt all materials in order to blend in with your exterior and meet all your design desires.

To make the right choice, many criteria must be taken into account. Above all, you must not forget to take into account in your budget for a garden shed additional work such as leveling the ground, pouring the slab, or even extending the networks to your new construction.

Among the most important, you will find the material, the dimensions (interior and exterior), the brand, and the price. I am guiding you to better manage your budget.

What is the budget for a garden shed?

What is the budget for a garden shed
budget for a garden shed

The budget for a garden shed can vary widely depending on several factors including the size materials design and additional features. On the lower end, a basic, prefabricated metal or plastic shed might cost a few hundred dollars.

Wooden sheds can range from a few hundred to several thousand dollars depending on the quality of the wood, size, and design complexity. In general, a budget range for a garden shed could be anywhere from $500 to $10,000 or more, depending on the factors mentioned above.

The criteria impacting the cost of building a garden shed

When choosing your future garden shed, you will quickly discover that the sheds have very different prices… And for good reason: not all sheds have the same characteristics. Now is the time to take an overview of the elements that will impact the price of your new construction.

The material

Find garden sheds in PVC, resin, wood, or metal in stores or on the Internet. All materials are not offered at the same price, the price of your work will depend on the choice of material for your garden shed.


Naturally, the surface area of ​​your garden shed will impact the price of your construction. Also, you will have to choose the best compromise between your budget and the size necessary to house all your tools, but also your mower, your garden furniture, or even create a DIY corner.

In kit or tailor-made

You can buy a garden shed in kit form, sold commercially, and which you will assemble yourself or have installed by a professional. Another possibility:

the construction of a tailor-made garden shed, perfectly adapted to your wishes in terms of dimensions and design. Here again, your choice will have an impact on the amount of the quote.

The different equipment in your garden shed

Not all garden sheds are built the same way: some have a sloping roof, others have a flat roof. Likewise, it is possible to choose a garden shed with one or more windows, with a single or double, hinged or sliding door, etc.

The price of installing a garden shed depends on its surface area

The price of materials being expressed per square meter, and the surface area of ​​a garden shed logically play a major role in establishing the budget necessary for its construction. 

What is the budget for a garden shed

The larger it is supposed to be, the more material it will take to make it and the longer its installation will take. In general, you should expect to expect a price of between 70 and 130 euros per square meter for installation if the shelter is made of wood, PVC, or resin. 

For a concrete block garden shed, you need to count on around 400 euros per square meter on average. Concrete block construction takes longer to implement than the assembly of wooden or PVC slats.

If the surface area plays such an important role, it is also because the garden shed must be placed on a slab corresponding to its ground surface. 

The price of a concrete slab is generally between 100 and 200 euros per square meter, including materials and labor. To best contain your budget, the best thing is of course to ask for several quotes.

Additional costs for building a garden shed

The budget necessary for the construction of a garden shed must also take into account some additional costs. The concrete slab and the material itself represent only the tip of the iceberg. For example, your installation must be implemented on a flat floor. 

If your garden is on a slope, the earthworks step will be inevitable. Its cost can vary greatly depending on the surface to be flattened and the degree of slope. The price is between 30 and 60 euros per square meter, depending on the nature of the soil, the accessibility of your garden, and other technical constraints.

If you plan to make your garden shed a room or a small extension of your house, you should also consider extending the electrical network (and possibly plumbing), which may involve creating trenches in the garden. 

Depending on the number of sockets or electrical objects provided in your garden shed, it may be relevant to install an electrical panel dedicated to your garden shed.

What price per m2 should be expected for the installation of a garden shed?

The price per m² of a garden shed will depend on different elements.

Generally speaking, count between 100 and 400$ per m² (1) excluding installation. You will need to plan the following budget:

Shed sizePrice excluding installation
From 1 to 5 m²100 to 2,000 $
From 5 to 10 m²$500 to $4,000
From 10 to 20 m²$1,000 to $8,000

How much does it cost to install a garden shed depending on the material?

A major element, the material significantly impacts the price of your work. Here are some pricing ideas to better anticipate each expense.

MaterialsPrice per m² excluding installation (2)
Metal50 to 600$
Concrete block15 to 25$

The price of your work for a concrete block garden shed seems affordable. However, this does not take into account the installation of a door, windows, and roof. 

This will increase the final cost! Do not hesitate to ask a professional for a quote for your concrete block construction.

Which professional should I contact for the installation of a garden shed?

You don’t want to install your garden shed yourself? It is possible to turn to different professionals, depending on the garden shed you have chosen:

  • a mason for a concrete block shed
  • a carpenter, particularly for wooden garden sheds
  • the manufacturer of your garden shed, whatever the material chosen (PVC or resin, wood, metal).

You will quickly obtain prices from professionals near you to bring your project to life! Enough to compare offers and choose the craftsman best placed in terms of price… but also quality.

What tax is applied to garden sheds?

The construction or installation of a garden shed on private property is subject to strict local planning regulations. A development tax subject to review each year applies to garden sheds with a surface area of ​​more than 5 m². It is determined according to:

  • the surface of the shelter.
  • your place of residence.

The price to pay in 2023 amounts to:

  • $886 per m² outside lle-de-France.
  • $1,004 per m² in lle-de-France.

To obtain a more precise and reliable estimate, it is possible to simulate your garden shed tax using online simulators.

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