How Much Does it Cost to Renovate a Garden?

A garden is a real asset for a house: it is often a determining element in the choice of a real estate purchase! But sometimes this outdoor space has been left too long without maintenance or does not correspond to your desires. 

It is the time to act to restore it and enjoy it when the weather is nice. But where do you start when you don’t know anything about gardening? Should you employ a home gardener? And how much does it cost to prune a tree? I put on his boots and gloves to help you estimate the budget needed to restore your garden.

The essential

From the technical study to planting including clearing work several steps are necessary to restore your garden.

If you are planning limited work opt for the skills of a gardener.

Do not hesitate to call on a landscaper for a more substantial redevelopment (without forgetting the budget that goes with it)

Plan an annual maintenance contract to benefit from a garden that is always at its best.

Elements to take into account when estimating the price of restoring a garden

Different criteria impact the price of renovating and landscaping a garden. The surface to be treated is of course an important element, but it is not the only one.

The surface of the garden

As is often the case the larger the surface area, the higher the prices of the services. But it also depends on the nature of the work you are planning for your exterior.

The nature of the work

French garden, English garden… there are numerous choices for beautifying your exterior. But the prices are not the same. If you want to plant trees and shrubs the price is different from simply refinishing or mowing a lawn.

The condition of the garden to be landscaped

When you ask a professional to establish a budget for your garden, the gardener will take its condition into account. If it has not been maintained for several years, the clearing work will be more extensive and therefore more expensive.

The specialist you choose

Depending on the professional you use the prices may be different. The landscaper is considered today as the architect of green spaces. He can advise you on how to redesign your garden by profoundly modifying its structure. 

He develops a project and coordinates the site with the different trades if you choose this option. 

The average cost of a landscaper is between 40 and 65$ per hour. The gardener is competent to restore your exterior but he focuses more specifically on the good growth of plants by providing them with appropriate care. 

He also advises you on the plants to plant to improve the aesthetics of the garden. The budget to plan for a gardener is between 20 and 40$ per hour.

The stages of garden restoration

It is important to be patient so that your garden lives up to your expectations. For this it is better to call on an expert such as a gardener or a landscaper who will work with you to establish the schedule for restoring your exterior.

Take the time to observe

The first step is to understand the composition of your garden:

  • Define the species of trees present on the land
  • Plan a soil study to find out its composition
  • Establish a garden plan with the green spaces professional, to determine which trees to keep and which to remove

Define your needs for this new garden

At this stage, the gardener or landscaper will ask you your wishes regarding your land. Do you want a lawn? A vegetable garden? Do you prefer a hedge to preserve your privacy in your garden? 

And how do you plan to maintain your exterior? If you do not want to spend too much time gardening, the landscaper will advise you on suitable arrangements.

Start clearing the garden

Once the decision has been made, you can begin the cleaning work:

  • Pulling out weeds
  • Pruning or pruning but also stump removal of trees
  • Cleaning the land with the removal of stones, moss, and weeds
  • Relocation of shrubs such as rose bushes or raspberry bushes.

Prepare the soil before planting work

This is the last step before planting: the ground must be very flat for the future lawn for example. Free of weeds and stones it can be supplemented if it is too poor with fertilizer suitable for future trees or shrubs.

Consider automated watering and mowing

If you’re not a big fan of gardening, you can delegate some tasks with automatic watering. What a joy to see your plants growing thanks to your underground or surface system. But do you know the device for mowing the lawn? 

You will love seeing the robot lawn mower wandering over your lawn to carefully trim it. Most models are programmable based on the zones you choose. A real saving of time and energy.

When preparing the ground, don’t forget to talk to your landscaper who will plan the appropriate installation.

Plant plants according to the gardener’s or landscaper’s plan

This is the most rewarding moment: planting to create the garden of your dreams. Without forgetting to follow the advice of gardeners on the favorable periods for optimal growth.

Why call on a professional?

Even though landscaping a garden may seem within everyone’s reach it is best to call on a landscaper or gardener.

Good knowledge of plants

Can you tell the difference between an oak and a poplar? That’s good, but for your garden to live up to your expectations, it’s better to know a little more about trees and also about lawns. 

Where should you position the trees so that they give you the best shade? What species for the hedge? So many questions that the gardener or landscaper can easily answer. These professionals also give you advice on maintaining your garden.

Specific work with tools adapted for the garden

The company or professional you choose for your garden uses equipment adapted to each situation:

  • Chainsaw for pruning, trimming, or felling a tree
  • A mechanical shovel to move the earth
  • A skip for waste disposal
  • A lawn roller
  • A lawn mower for mowing the lawn
  • A hedge trimmer

There are many tools! So instead of renting them or investing, you might as well ask for the intervention of a company or a gardener who is used to handling them. 

Especially since you will not need all these tools for the routine maintenance of your outdoor spaces (apart from perhaps the lawn mower or hedge trimmer).

Safety equipment

If your garden has large trees you will surely have difficulty pruning or pruning them in optimal safety conditions. The gardener or landscaper has the technical skills to carry out this work with the appropriate equipment.

The price of renovating a garden depends on the type of service

I recommend that you request several quotes before choosing the green spaces professional who will create your Garden of Eden. This will allow you to compare the different services and the price of each service.

The price for the intervention of a landscaper

Like an architect, this garden professional charges for his knowledge to allow you to benefit from the best advice. 

This expense is not obligatory but you will see over the years that the services of landscapers are largely profitable. You benefit from an outdoor space that evolves harmoniously, thanks of course to regular maintenance.

The average hourly cost for the service of a landscaper ranges from 40 to 65$

The cost of clearing brush by a gardener

This gardening work is the least expensive since it costs around 1 euro per square meter or an average hourly cost of 25 to 50$. This price includes the cost of removing plant waste.

The price for pruning a tree by a professional gardener or landscaper

You will encounter different prices depending on the size needed for your tree:

  • for simple topping: between 105 and 505$
  • for selective pruning: between 130 and 335$.

The price for felling a tree by a gardener

Felling a tree remains a delicate operation especially if it is large. I recommend that you call a specialized company so that felling the tree does not damage the rest of your exterior or fall on your house.

The price for hedge trimming by a gardener

Trimming hedges is essential to give a neat appearance to your garden. This also allows you to maintain good relations with your neighbors who appreciate that they do not grow in an anarchic manner. The price of this service is established according to the height of each hedge.

  • Gardeners offer prices per linear meter of 2 to 6$ for trimming hedges less than 1 meter.
  • For the highest, maintenance prices increase from 5 to 17$.
  • You must add a cost of 1 to 6$ per linear meter for the disposal of plant waste.

The price for the maintenance contract for your garden

You can discuss the interview issue with your chosen landscaper or gardener. This green space professional often offers an annual contract which will allow you to benefit from a garden that is always well-kept. 

Of course, nothing prevents you from requesting several prices from different gardeners to compare prices and details of services.

I was able to obtain quotes ranging from 380$ for a surface area of ​​less than 50 m² to 600$ for up to 200 m². 

These prices are of course indicative because they are established according to the layout of your garden: the professional will offer you a schedule to evaluate the frequency of his interventions.

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