How Much Does it Cost to Transplant a Tree?

How much does it cost to transplant a tree: Transplanting or moving a tree may be preferred over felling as part of certain construction or garden development projects. This operation is complex to implement especially for an adult tree. 

If you choose this type of planting you will need to contact a professional. and probably pay the price. How are rates calculated, and how much does it cost to move a tree? I switch to gardening mode to help you estimate your budget.

How much does it cost to transplant a tree

How much does it cost to transplant a tree

Let me tell you that the cost of transplanting a tree can range from Rs 5,000 to Rs 1 lakh depending on the size of the tree and the number of trees. The price of big trees can be up to Rs 3 lakh.

How much does it cost to transplant a tree: The essential

How much does it cost to transplant a tree

You may choose to transplant a tree into your garden rather than felling it if it is in the way of a construction project, if its roots have damaged a deck or if there is a risk of it falling on your house.

The size of the tree and the dimensions of the trunk are the main criteria that vary the cost of a transplant, due to the level of complexity of the operation. Count from 80 dollars for a shrub, and up to 2,700 dollars for a tree several meters high.

It is better to call on a landscaping company to carry out this project if it seems too complicated to you. I advise you to request several quotes to compare prices and find the service suited to your budget.

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Reminder: why and when to transplant a tree?

Why decide to transplant a tree?

Transplanting involves moving a tree onto land or into a garden. This choice makes it possible to offer it a new place (and a new life) while avoiding killing it, in certain situations:

  • there is a risk of falling on your house in the event of a storm
  • the tree compromises a construction project, if it is in the location planned for your new terrace or your future swimming pool
  • its roots have spread to the point of damaging a floor covering
  • its environment does not or no longer offers it the level of sunshine necessary for it to flourish
  • you are faced with a neighborhood conflict. a tree planted too close to a hedge, whose leaves and branches protrude, or which provides too much shade to the neighboring garden.

Without forgetting the financial criterion. depending on the trees, it may be more economical to opt for transplantation rather than felling and replanting. 

Study all the possibilities carefully and always ask for several quotes before making a decision. [How much does it cost to transplant a tree]

What is the best season for a transplant?

Gardening is not an exact science, and the answer to this question depends on the characteristics of the tree. But generally speaking, it is recommended to intervene from the start of winter and before the arrival of spring, avoiding periods of frost, heavy rain, or snow.

  • The months between November and March are the most suitable for transplanting trees, especially those with deciduous foliage (whose leaves fall in winter). Their sap is at rest and the buds are not yet there. the lights are green. This period is also suitable for shrubs such as rose bushes.
  • Conifers can be transplanted a little earlier, around September-October.
  • Evergreen trees like olive trees should be transplanted just before summer between March and June when the soil becomes warmer again.

A point of caution: the preparation of the root ball (strapping) must sometimes be carried out in advance, a year before uprooting and transplanting the tree. 

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This step allows the roots to gather around the trunk before planting, which improves the chances of recovery in your garden.

Elements that vary the price of a tree transplant

Transplanting a tree is a delicate operation, much more so than transplanting plants in the fall. It’s expensive but fortunately you shouldn’t have to deal with it often. By studying the prices, you will see that the complexity of the task is the big variable in price. 

In detail the age of the tree its height the extension of the roots the species and its robustness. are all factors that make the difference in the price charged by a professional. Here are the main criteria to know before requesting quotes. [How much does it cost to transplant a tree]

The height of the tree and its diameter

You will not pay the same price if your project concerns a large oak or a small rose bush. An adult and/or large tree is more expensive to uproot and move than a shrub, for several reasons.

  • A tree several meters high or with a wide trunk is heavy and bulky. It requires more labor and care to successfully transplant, and larger lifting equipment.
  • The older a tree gets, the more extensive its roots are, and the more complex it is to move it to provide it with a new environment.
  • The dimensions of the planting hole should be proportional to the size of the tree. Here too, digging the earth and preparing the hole for the future root ball are more or less long steps.

Forest species

Each species of tree has its characteristics its evolution and its fragility. Some specimens do not tolerate movement well and others grow and spread more quickly in the ground.

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this is verified on a case-by-case basis. If the tree to be uprooted is weakened and/or requires more preparation the price charged by a landscaping company may be affected.

The intervention of a professional

Unlike other gardening work, it is almost always essential to hire a specialist to transplant a tree. He alone has the necessary skills and specific machines to carry out this operation especially in the case of an adult tree. 

The transplanters carry out all the operations, from preparing the clod of earth and the roots to planting the tree in the ground.

Include the cost of labor in your budget: it can be billed by the hour or on a flat rate basis depending on the professionals. 

The advice of a landscaper or gardener is always good to take even if your transplant project concerns a shrub. 

Certain species such as the rose bush remain very difficult to transplant into a garden despite their relatively small size. [How much does it cost to transplant a tree]

Tree transplantation: average prices depending on size and species

The price to transplant a tree depends on its size

In most cases, the cost of transplanting a tree is calculated based on the size of the tree, its trunk, and possibly its roots. Here are the price ranges for tree transplants, all species combined and including labor.

Tree HeightPrice with labor 
Transplanting a small tree or shrubFrom 80 to 120 dollers
Transplanting a medium tree (between 80 and 110 cm in diameter)From 80 to 120 dollars
Transplanting a tree over 4 metersFrom 2500 to 2700 dollars

Unfortunately, tree transplants are not part of the work eligible for the tax credit. On the other hand, you can claim it if you entrust a third party with the maintenance of your plants, trimming a hedge or other small gardening tasks.

Price for transplanting a tree according to its species: the example of the olive tree

Some species of trees cost more than others to uproot and move due to their physical characteristics. This is the case for the olive tree, for which prices skyrocket quickly depending on its size.

Tree sizePrice with labor 
Olive tree 80 cm in diameterFrom 500 to 900 dollars
Olive tree 100 cm in diameterFrom 700 to 1,100 dollars
Olive tree 150 cm in diameterFrom 1,100 to 1,500 dollars

Labor cost for a tree transplant

Who should I call for a transplant?

If you plan to transplant one or more trees in your garden, I recommend that you seek the services of a landscaper (independent or employee of a specialized company). 

By calling on the expertise of a professional, you avoid damaging the roots of the tree, and you offer it maximum chances of recovery. [How much does it cost to transplant a tree]

Labor prices

Labor pricing can be applied on a flat rate or hourly basis, depending on the company’s preferences.

  • The hourly rates of landscapers are around 35 dollars per hour depending on the work to be carried out.
  • In the case of package prices, the specialist calculates a global price that includes all transplantation maneuvers.

In both cases, I advise you to request quotes from several companies to find out the price details, compare them, and save money. 

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