The Best Wood for Window

The Best Wood for Window: Do you want to replace your old joinery with new wooden windows? Noble and warm the wooden window offers comfort and aesthetics. However, the species chosen display varied qualities: insulation, solidity, protection against bad weather, etc.

What exactly are the advantages of a wooden window? How to choose the most suitable gasoline for your needs? I guide you to understand the characteristics of different woods better and make the right choice for your windows.

The Best Wood for Windows: The essential

The wooden window is naturally elegant, insulating, and ecological.

Oak provides optimal durability and reliability for your wooden windows.

Pine is an inexpensive material with satisfactory properties, but less durability.

Exotic woods are very resistant at an affordable price. However, due to their transport, their impact on the environment is greater.

If adopting FSC or PEFC-certified windows guarantees minimum protection of resources, it is better to favor local wood such as oak, larch, beech, or pine whose provenance is better established.

Why choose a wooden window?

Wood offers many qualities to enhance your home. A noble material, wood has a lifespan of up to 30 years. In recent years, natural and authentic wood design has enjoyed unprecedented popularity. Added to this are numerous advantages:

  • The natural properties of wood give your windows remarkable thermal and acoustic performance. Heat loss is limited and external noise is reduced in the home.
  • A material that lends itself best to customization, wood allows you to personalize your joinery endlessly. With varied colors and effects, it fits into all interior decorations and all architectural styles.
  • If PVC window models remain the least expensive, wood does not require a larger budget than aluminum, for joinery with identical characteristics.
  • Maintenance of wooden windows is more rigorous than with PVC and aluminum materials. However, it has been considerably simplified to ensure their durability.
  • The provenance of wood from controlled-management forests guarantees responsible production, without deforestation.
  • The use of wood reduces CO2 consumption. [The Best Wood for Window]

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A real aesthetic asset

Very trendy, the charm of wood is essential in the house as a sure value for enhancing windows and patio doors. Authentic and warm, it brings an undeniable character to the rooms of your home.

Wood is ideal for renovating your windows. And in the context of new construction, it is increasingly used for its many qualities. In addition to creating a friendly atmosphere, the wooden window fits wonderfully into old homes and contemporary buildings.

In terms of color, the natural tint of the various woods brings character. To play with colors, paint, and stain meet all your desires: it’s up to you to add a note of modernity or originality.

Advantageous natural properties

Able to withstand large temperature variations, wood provides a real advantage in summer and winter in the house. The thermal performance of wood provides great everyday comfort. On sunny days, it retains freshness inside. And when outside temperatures drop, it helps maintain heat in your rooms.

Excellent sound insulation, wood can be supplemented with double or triple glazing for even greater performance. Unlike aluminum, it does not fear any deformation. 

In addition, it does not require a thermal break system to avoid the transmission of heat and cold. Finally, certain types of wood are naturally water-repellent, fungicidal, and insecticide-resistant. For others, treatment will be necessary. [The Best Wood for Window]

An ecological material

Wood is a renewable natural raw material, both recyclable and sustainable. Provided it comes from responsibly managed forests, it is much more ecological than aluminum and PVC. Wood processing requires low resource use. It can also absorb carbon (CO2) and thus helps reduce greenhouse gases.

The main selection criteria for ecological wood:

  • FSC or PEFC labels assure that wood comes from a sustainably harvested forest.
  • It is preferable to choose local wood to limit the carbon footprint linked to its transportation.
  • Natural solutions exist to protect wood, excellent alternatives to industrial treatments and gluing.

Oak window: a hard, quality wood

Oak is an essential wood in the design of doors and windows.


Robust, this essence does not require any additional treatment. It displays different shades ranging from yellow-gray to red effects. Oak has a high density giving it great mechanical resistance to bad weather. 

It stands out for its acoustic or thermal insulation properties, which are well above average. It is thus capable of withstanding intense variations in temperature or humidity. [The Best Wood for Window]


The price of joinery in this type of wood is generally higher than other species, PVC and aluminum.

It costs on average around €350 excluding installation (1) for a classic French window. Do not hesitate to get quotes for your wooden windows from Ootravaux partners to compare prices effectively.

Softwood window: the most affordable solution

The main advantage of wood from pine trees: is the very affordable budget. In carpentry, work using pine is made easier thanks to its low density.


Douglas or Scots pines perform very well in terms of thermal and acoustic insulation in your home. This is also the case for larch, more resistant than its cousin. It is particularly appreciated in terms of design for its elegant darker shade.  

Ideal for small budgets, pine wood is often used for renovation work. Different treatments are applied to compensate for its lower durability, compared to aluminum and PVC. 

With a suitable stain, white pine wood is more resistant to bad weather. The same goes for larch and its brown color. It is still necessary to carry out regular treatment to ensure that it lasts well over time.


The price of a pine window with a classic French opening is between 170 and 200 dollars excluding installation. For its part, larch costs around 250 dollars excluding installation. [The Best Wood for Window]

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Exotic wood window: the best value for money

By combining robustness, high thermal performance, and affordable price, exotic wood is enjoying great success. Ideal for outdoors, it requires little maintenance and has good density.


There are 3 main types of exotic wood:

  • Moabi wood has good mechanical qualities. It is very popular for its pink hue.
  • In a similar color, the tauari has a lower price which can be explained by its less durability.
  • With yellow wood, moving is less dense.


A little higher than pine, the cost of exotic wood is between 150 and 250 dollars excluding installation for windows with classic French openings.

Comparison table of different woods

With varied properties, wood must be selected carefully before you begin installing your windows.

MovingOakPine and DouglasLarchMoabiMovingui Tauari
DescriptionMovingYellow-gray to reddish hardwoodBrown woodPinkish to red-brown woodRosewoodRose wood
BenefitsVery resistant and excellent durabilityResistant.WhitewoodVery resistant and good durabilityResistantDense wood
DisadvantagesHigh price Average lifespan and necessary treatment High priceHigh price Not very denseLow durability
Price of a standard window350 Dollars350 Dollars250 Dollarsfrom 200 Dollars

Average prices from different construction sites and works.

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