What Solutions To Enlarge Your Small Kitchen?

What Solutions To Enlarge Your Small Kitchen: Do your dreams of a large kitchen seem unattainable and you have to make do with limited cooking space? Please note that with a few well-thought-out arrangements it is possible to save space and thus create a feeling of space in your kitchen.

Color combination, furniture ideas tips storage lighting sources decoration I am sharing the best advice to enlarge your small kitchen. 

What solutions to enlarge your small kitchen: top 5 ways

  1. Knock down the partitions to create an open kitchen
  2. Repaint the walls of your small kitchen with light colors
  3. Overuse lighting in your small kitchen
  4. Favor closed kitchen storage
  5. Prefer built-in appliances

1. Knock down the partitions to create an open kitchen

How to enlarge a small kitchen? The first tip which may seem obvious knock down the partitions to create a kitchen open to the living room. The absence of partitions will:

Before carrying out this type of work, contact an architect, an interior designer or any other construction professional to ensure that the partitions to be knocked down are not load-bearing walls. If this is the case, you will need to plan the construction of support posts to ensure the stability of the floor and ceiling of the rooms located on the upper floor of your house.

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It’s then up to you to choose whether you want to arrange your open kitchen with U-shaped furniture, or an L-shaped island or whether you prefer to opt for a kitchen with a square central island to arrange space and facilitate circulation.

Suppose creating an open kitchen is too restrictive you can also consider creating a semi-open kitchen while retaining a partition in the lower part. This partition can be fitted out with a custom-made storage unit, which will allow you to delimit the different spaces of your kitchen and your living room. [What Solutions To Enlarge Your Small Kitchen]

2. Repaint the walls of your small kitchen with light colors

Color is the perfect solution for modulating a room that is too small and playing with its height and volume. All without breaking down the walls. The choice and combination of tones will depend above all on the shape and configuration of your kitchen.

What colors for a small closed kitchen?

For a small, closed, square kitchen, choose a cold, light color throughout the room.

If the small kitchen has a high ceiling, it is advisable to paint the ceiling in a tone similar to that of the walls, but darker. This lowers the ceiling height and homogenizes the space.

What colors for a small hallway-shaped kitchen?

If your kitchen is narrow and long (hallway kitchen), in this case, play on the effects of depth by painting the background wall with a strong color. You can then paint the other walls with a light color but in the same tones to reduce the feeling of narrowness.

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What colors for an open kitchen?

If you have decided to knock down certain partitions to create a kitchen open to the living room the choice of the color of your kitchen must in this case be considered according to the walls of your living room.

To create unity and homogeneity between the 2 spaces, stay in the same tones by opting for monochrome. [What Solutions To Enlarge Your Small Kitchen]

If your room is decorated with a dominant color :

  • paint your entire kitchen in neutral, earthy tones
  • create a colorful reminder by painting a kitchen wall in the same tone as your living room.

This will avoid visual overload. If all the walls in your kitchen are painted the same color it risks making the space look heavier. And you will tire less quickly of your interior decor.

You can also add a few well-placed decorative objects to intensify the effect and create unity and visual continuity between the 2 spaces.

What colors for a small, dark or windowless kitchen?

If your small kitchen is located in the north or benefits from poor exposure to the sun, emphasize light, bright, and warm tones and lacquered furniture to accentuate the brightness as much as possible.

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3. Overuse lighting in your small kitchen

A small, well-lit kitchen always looks more spacious and airy. And to create a pleasant and warm atmosphere, natural light is preferred.

It is therefore advisable to limit curtains or decorative objects close to windows as much as possible in your kitchen.sun rays and likely to block

If the natural light in your kitchen leaves something to be desired in this case bet everything on artificial lighting recessed ceiling spotlights track spotlights industrial-style pendant lights or splashback lighting several solutions are available to you. There is only one imperative that the style and aesthetics of the lighting chosen match the decoration of your small kitchen.

To increase the lighting effect you can also hang a few well-placed mirrors in your kitchen a mirror in a corner facing the main table or at the narrowest parts of your kitchen, etc. Guaranteed effect. [What Solutions To Enlarge Your Small Kitchen]

4. Favor closed kitchen storage

Clutter and accumulation of decorative objects are the number one enemy if you want to enlarge or ventilate a room. For a layout that is both pleasant to live in daily and practical to use 3 keywords are essential:

  • ergonomics
  • organization
  • tidying up

Furniture is decisive when it comes to designing the layout of a small ergonomic and visually airy kitchen:

  • opt for closed cupboards and furniture so that the contents of the shelves are as little visible as possible.
  • cupboard curtains or sliding cupboard doors. You will gain a few precious square meters and optimize the opening and closing of furniture.

5. Prefer built-in appliances

With a small kitchen choosing the right appliances is a simple solution to save space. To avoid cluttering the worktop and facilitate access to your sink, it is advisable to favor maximum built-in appliances.

As for the dimensions of the refrigerator or dishwasher, opt for a model designed especially for small spaces and to avoid protrusions and obstacles. of your work surface that the depth is closer to

Finally, for everything that concerns small “secondary” household appliances go to the essentials and only buy what you need, otherwise, you will end up with a cluttered work surface and cupboards overflowing with unnecessary devices. [What Solutions To Enlarge Your Small Kitchen]

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